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  1. this topic is gaining some traction , so im not asking for drivers to tell me to go to admin and request an event like this, im asking the community to come together and discuss and try to brainstorm ideas to garner tractio. , we wouldn't even need a lot of admin we just would need them to use the ets2 maps and travel to the populated city's, 1-2 admin just enforce some simple role-play directives , it nothing spectacular but would bring more realism to the servers . cheers!!!
  2. how would one get a few admins involved to do some roleplaying,such as an event where the admins could pull over drivers in an event, to hand out tickets i.e: for passing weigh staionss, speeding and so on an so forth. i think it would be an intersting way to have some fun especially if the admin could help out with the populor routes in Ats such as the the 5 ,40,80,580,84 highways and the 15 to vegas. ntersted in the replys and feed back to this post ,cheers!!
  3. BENSY

    1% iin gamer tags

    why promote them selfs as outlaws on a server with rules, also leaves the door open to interpretations of how some players represent them selves, remember this community is a reputation based game as player's remember different player's on how they interact with each other on the server.
  4. all these views not much crediable answers ... yes yes yes lol
  5. when did the tmp server become a breeding ground for motorcycle club lingo as such as the promotion of drivers referred to as prospects and putting the hash tag of !% in there gamer tags i mean this is a age 10 and up game so why are players trying to associate there vtcs on the servers as a motorcycle affliation??
  6. Are you concerned that your VTC hopping AND Rage quiting is adversely affecting your gaming experience , or do you think that it’s been a benefit? which brings me to the subject matter of rage quiting in games and hopping from virtual trucking companies, VTC hopping should not be viewed as disloyalty or a lack of staying power. It should be viewed as a need to grow and upskill or, at the very least, a refusal to settle for being unhappy at particular companies. We want to hear from you! Leave a comment or join the discussion
  7. as per rule §1.5 - Inappropriate use of language, communication and impersonation of any kind, why is it not enforced as on a daily when im traveling the road way in populated city like Las Vegas Phoenix Tuscon Bakersfield theirs a lot of angry and abusive language being used on the cb radios and threats along the highways, when iv submitted reports to admins, the response is not good enough audio evidence but yet you can clearly hear the threats and abuse from other players, should we have to transcribe our video evidence to make the game moderators understand the context of the threats
  8. noticing alot more new players parking there trucks in the medians on ats maps in the us simualtor servers ,is there any way that they can curb that issuse?
  9.  we are growing !!! come check us out today @ https://trucksbook.eu/company/76705

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