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  1. I don't understand whey people who don't want to get hit won't use the Arcade server? What you are asking for already exist else where and I'm pretty sure we all know how much of a sh*t show it is to drive Calais to Duisburg but that is the fun of the route, the sight of a Volvo just soring through the sky for no reason at all. I think the real issue is cars in a truck game. As to why players clog servers is because we want to be together, is that not the point of multiplayer? we want to see traffic jams, busy roads, and a pal to follow for a little while. if we were to all spread apart we might as well go offline and disable AI cars. Splitting people apart defeats the point of multiplayer and convoys.
  2. Well they might as well disconnect, a better idea would be adding a reconnect button; every time i DC i have to restart the game
  3. i mean you can use cheat engine to spawn in money but this is still a helpful idea since my trailer takes a lot of unnecessary damage
  4. This is quite helpful as in indicator to people to know your about to drop the F-Bomb.
  5. This is a great idea, with some trail and error the timings can be adjusted but the concept is amazing.
  6. No, oh god no.That sound like the longest thing ever and people will go back to reckless driving afterwards
  7. This is a great idea, i feel like peoples track record should be shown in game.
  8. Players that are spawning in should have a parking box like square appear around them whilst they are in ghost mode to warn player that if the enter this area around the truck they may collide
  9. No, i can see so many thing going wrong; for example; when a truck phases trough everyone and then sends everyone flying and the driver is asleep and cannot be accused of reckless driving because they have some excuse that they were lagging
  10. This is a great idea, i usually have a hard time indicting what im doing in large crowds
  11. i feel like the icons are too big for the GPS
  12. I love this idea, you've demonstrated its practicality very well. A suggestion for the UI of the payers card could be that the user get to choose its colour and if they have a Truckers MP coin it should be displayed Extra card entries could be: Ping, Miles/KM driven, Truck damage % and collision count,
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