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  1. TruckEvents.info http://truckevents.info Online Trucking Events Platform TEI which is an ETS2C replacement/alternative with useful new features built using AJAX automatic updating of the events list as well as the ability to display custom VTC content and convoy routes (custom image on the event page).
  2. http://www.vtconvoys.xyz/ - Organize Convoys, Meetups and Truckfests

  3. New Features Tue 5 Jul 21:32 - N/A option for City or Location - Details view
  4. http://www.vtconvoys.xyz/ NEW FEATURES! Convoys, Meetups and Truckfests

  5. New Features Sun 3 Jul 18:34 - Featured Events UI Alterations Sun 3 Jul 18:36 - View / Filter Layout changed - Grid, List and Split views now allow for featured events - Event locations now display icon similar to the server New Features Mon 4 Jul 17:30 - Multi-day Events New Features Mon 4 Jul 21:32 - Featured Notice - Charity Notice - Official Notice
  6. New Features Sun 3 Jul 15:50 - Embeddable Widget
  7. Developed all of it from scratch. (Twice as my FTP program decided to upload blank documents so had to recode it all)
  8. Are you inferring i am using their code?
  9. http://www.vtconvoys.xyz/ Now supports images within the WYSIWYG Editor

  10. http://www.vtconvoys.xyz Now has a Rich Text Editor

  11. New Features Sun 3 Jul 12:08 - WYSIWYG Editor - Rich Text Description
  12. Thanks for finding the bugs, I made container-fljid as if not content is squashed but I may change to grid view to container as that should be in affected, also regarding the date time, I'll copy what I have done on the event page over so time remaining with actual UTC date time in brackets.
  13. On server, no where publicly viewable if that's what you are asking.
  14. Thanks, would be appreciated Any help or feature requests be sure to throw me a message