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  1. İ do not use extra software. İ played on this server for 2 years, and the problem started from 2 month ago. So, please fix it. Problem on this Simulation 1 server
  2. I did verything that you told, but not worked
  3. I did everything what all of you told. But not worked
  4. Hello, i am getting this problem i can not play it. It keep doing the same thing in the screenshot. Please help me. What i tired? format pc, ccleaner, vpn reseting modem, not solved my problem, please help me CHECK IMAGE https://imgur.com/2P9XHo2
  5. Hi, I tired all of that but not helped. I load on are which is there are just 2-3 trucks in there even sometimes i load it on area which there are not any player around me but the same problem happen.
  6. Hi, once i join to Simulation1 server, game connection has been broken and it tells we will automaticly reconnect you. And game crashes. Please help me. I have not problem on Simulation2 server. Once i join to simulation1 server it crash game. I do not use any beta version of ets2. So, please help me. I tired reinstall game but not worked. My internet connection is good. I tested it.
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