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  1. 70 Tonnes aren´t a problem for the SK ( @Picky99 This is a proper Truck )



  2. I love the Mercedes SK



  3. New Paintjob and Trailer for my DAF


    1. .Quality


      If you right click on the image in imgur and click copy image link and then paste that, it will auto embed :wesmart: , and the truck looks amazing! 

    2. [VIVA] Buratti
    3. Guest


      nice 😍

  4. or they dont want you to use them yet
  5. I really like that i would also really like a combi and a gt or rs edition with a special interior
  6. Tango Convoy | 27.07.2020


    @[ConSecGroup] Nemesis


    @[ConSecGroup] David


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