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  1. Doesnt seems to fix my Volvo problem. Just adding, its Volvo FH(not 16) Sleeper default cabin with exclusive interrior.
  2. Oh, that could be problem here! Thanks for info. ShawnCZek please fix.
  3. Ups.. Im bit confused how to fix this. I've tried reinstall TruckersMP launcher but it didnt help. I guess i have to do it hard way. No progress. Game redownloaded, deleted TruckersMP in Program Data, Documents folders deleted(renamed) still crashing when i click Drive to enter world. Dead end. crash.log game.log.txt game.crash.txt
  4. Nothing kills immersion more than generic "hum" engine sound you hear from other trucks than yours. This is good chance to fix it, even if its technically challenging.
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