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  1. Good choice, take the player's opinion
  2. It seems that the van can't see more perspectives, which I think is the most regrettable.
  3. After playing truckersmp for such a long time, only a small number of truck drivers will notice these signs. The rest are against the rules .
  4. There are so many things going on in 2020 that people feel sad.😐

  5. Turn off the truck speed limit in Ets2 game settings, and the server speed limit is 110km / h
  6. I will spend a lot of time on refitting because I want it to be unique xd
  7. Wait patiently for the announcement of the truck driver's MP event, because it's really great!
  8. Very good. If you change its default voice AI, it will look better
  9. I don't think it means much because no one can avoid accidents. How do you define which truck drivers have driving experience?
  10. proposal is very good, but there are still players through the CD road, although I know it is very crowded! But thank you all the same
  11. thank you ❤️

    1. Jbu1337


      same to you 👌

  12. I agree with you on this idea, because I drive in the reality is the same, if the opposite driver does not turn on the high light, I will respect him very much! Not the other way around!
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