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  1. IMO i would rank in this order from best to least best (But none are bad). (I own all map DLC btw) 1. France 2. Black Sea 3. Scandinavia 4. Baltic 5. Italy 6. Going East This list may seem interesting but I love SCS France the most for some reason over the other ones
  2. Hmmmm... that is a great point Certainly in singleplayer, going to the last autosave is great, but in mp your point is true i never rlly thought of that But If you do go to the last autosave, and you move your vehicle off the roadway right away (if you are for sure that the road you will spawn on will have room to pull off the road) the ghost mode should allow enough time for that (But the initial spawn of the vehicle could cause a reaction from someone behind, so it depends i guess) but great point again
  3. Why Don’t People Go To Their Last Autosave Instead of Teleporting to Garage In The Event of a Rollover? I am not sure the answer to this. Maybe people forget about autosaves? Maybe people want their game to be realistic?
  4. I drive at the max limit allowed by the server (110km/h), which is actually the max speed I will ever drive in singleplayer unless going down a hill to gain speed uphill. I am a safe driver and not reckless... i slow down on corners and am very careful overtaking. I speed, but I do it responsibly. There is a difference.
  5. I would have to agree that none of these crashes were your fault, but all of them could have been prevented, 2 very easily prevented. Before I provide a rundown, I must comment that your FOV is too low, to the point where you can barely see your left mirror. That is not good! You should be able to see at least almost all of the left big mirror without moving the camera IMO. If you disagree with the above, AT LEAST CHECK YOUR MIRRORS BEFORE YOU CHANGE LANES!!!! Also, you should use the /fix command to insta fix your truck (sadly not trailer). It is free to use (free repairs) For the first clip, yes the idiot shouldn’t have passed on the shoulder, and that crash is not your fault, you could have drived defensively and move over to the left lane. (Especially if you dont have the money to blow not letting the guy in :]) The second clip was the other player’s fault, as technically the traffic merging on the freeway has to give way (because of the yield on the right at the very beginning of the clip). Even if he didnt have to give way, doesnt mean he can drive into your side. Although not your fault, this could have been prevented. In a defensive and curtious move, you could have moved to the left lane. Easily prevented! The third clip is the fault of the truck at front with the cars on it (white truck). After the white truck at the front merged onto the freeway, the blue truck (middle) had a clear intent to pass. The white truck either didn’t like that he were trying to pass, or unintentionally veered into the other lane. Anyway, when he did that, the Blue truck was forced to veer into the third lane to avoid the white truck. The driver of the blue truck (the one you hit) did a great defensive drive move and he did exactly what he should of done to avoid the white truck. In the end of that, the white truck did realize and corrected his path, a collision was avoided! For the part where you hit hid rear, although not your fault, that could have been avoided by slowing down when the blue truck was changing lanes, in prediction in that he could have merged two lanes at once. The fourth sineareo is hard for me to judge, because the direct cause of the crash would not occur in real life. It is clear that the direct cause of the collision is lag of the player in front, and the indirect cause is the other truck merging in front of you. You did the right thing at the beginning, move over, let the guy in. What went wrong is that he intruded into your right of way in the second lane. What HE should have done is slown down behind the guy at front with the gas tank, and waited for you to pass. What you possibly could have done to prevent the accident. Slow down, not much other could have been done there. Personally, I think you should have reported only 4 out of the 5 you said you did. The guy that you hit in the third clip should not have been reported in my opinion as he swerved in your lane to avoid the other guy (observe the clip carefully), i am assuming that you reported him but i am not sure My message to you is, give multiplayer another chance because IT IS a great mod, and improve your usage of mirrors and/or your FOV. Hope this helps.
  6. Suggestion Name: New interchange on C-D road at A1 Suggestion Description: A new custom interchange should be built. Im not completely sure how the DLC assets would work in the base map, but if that doesn’t - you could use the assets/prefabs from the Germany rebuild to do this. Also, traffic lights: I do not know how much they can be customized, but the timing I provided in the image is only an idea and i don't know if you can do things like that in the editor Any example images: Why should it be added?: This interchange is the second most congested part of the Calais-Duisburg Road. This unnecessary traffic jam is caused by this old interchange prefab. The ramps are too steep, there is inadequate road space between the two sets of ramps, and there are no turn lanes or traffic lights. Rebuilding this junction will improve the flow of traffic, smoothen curves on both the C-D road and the A1, and improve turning off and on the freeway. Adding this new junction will not negatively affect the C-D road as this is only a small section of road being modified, and traffic will be able to flow through this junction more at ease than ever before.
  7. I always use 4x2 chassis because i love the handling
  8. Sadly, I don’t play ATS MP unless there is an official convoy, because there aren’t any hotspots unlike ETS2 MP with the C-D road. If there was a very popular route I would play MP on ATS.
  9. This is a GOOD IDEA but it should be OPTIONAL. Some people do like the default ui — myself included
  10. Lol my truck can only drive to 140km/h or so anyway so I don’t care!
  11. My company has at least 100 drivers For each driver - they get one Iveco something (i cant remember) BUT its the cheapest truck in the game For myself - I have one truck - A new gen Scania On the rare occasion that I buy a new truck (most of the time, this is a newer gen of a truck), I give the old truck my next employee in my most oldest garage Ik this is silly but I like to play the game like real life so lol
  12. Just very curious - how did the hotspot route change from Europoort to the C-D road? How and when did that transition happen? (I didn’t play MP at the time)
  13. Part of the reason I started playing TruckersMP is because I watched some of these compilations, and then wanted to see if these kinds of things actually happen on a regular basis on the c-d road. When I started playing - I confirmed to myself that multiplayer is very fun!
  14. I haven’t ever noticed a difference... ETS2 & ATS aren’t racing games btw — they are SIMULATORS!
  15. For my trucks — I always do a single colour paintjob as I like simplicity Add some beacons, air horn, lights at the front with a bull bar, a name tag on the passenger side so it doesn’t obstruct my view in cam 1 The inside of my cabin is almost unmodified, as I like the inside to be very clean and not busy
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