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  1. I think it would be a cool idea if every month, a new road was selected by the Truckers MP team to be a “featured road”. What I mean by that is whatever road they pick for the month... everyone would start driving on it instead of C-D. After the month is done, pick a new road. I like the high amount of traffic on the C-D road, but the scenery is getting a little boring.
  2. Ok - thanks for quick response!
  3. I got someone perma banned by reporting on the website... it now says it is a deleted account... do I need to keep evidence or can I remove it? What if the account isn’t deleted... do I have to keep the evidence forever?? Thanks
  4. That does makes sense, except the only problem is that the traffic leaving the freeway could be waiting a long time to find a gap in the traffic, especially making a left turn. Another issue with this is that those people will get impatient or have lack of speed judgement of the oncoming vehicles and potentially cut off/pull in front of the people on the C-D road. I’m pretty sure that the traffic exiting the freeway originally had to yield to the C-D road, but TruckersMP changed the signs to how it is now.
  5. Well they might as well remove all traffic lights then... the interchange currently in place is clearly not working and I think traffic lights are needed because many people don’t follow the yield signs.
  6. I think that the junction needs to be completely rebuilt, as I suggested almost a year ago in the suggestions subforum:
  7. For me, I treat the lights as if it were a give way intersection. Red light = yield sign. Green light = right of way. But if someone stops for the light even though no one is coming I will not pass unless there is another lane, and I am still making any turns legally. (I will not make pass someone turning left then make a left turn from the right lane) Plus, if I want to drive properly like irl, I play singleplayer. Thats why I use the minimap
  8. I would love to see a map of new Calais... see it from above. I especially want to see more of the new highway and how it connects with the A16, and the C-D road itself. It would be nice to not dip south to the existing freeway then go north again (how it is now), rather... just head due east from Calais.
  9. IMO i would rank in this order from best to least best (But none are bad). (I own all map DLC btw) 1. France 2. Black Sea 3. Scandinavia 4. Baltic 5. Italy 6. Going East This list may seem interesting but I love SCS France the most for some reason over the other ones
  10. Suggestion Name: New interchange on C-D road at A1 Suggestion Description: A new custom interchange should be built. Im not completely sure how the DLC assets would work in the base map, but if that doesn’t - you could use the assets/prefabs from the Germany rebuild to do this. Also, traffic lights: I do not know how much they can be customized, but the timing I provided in the image is only an idea and i don't know if you can do things like that in the editor Any example images: Why should it be added?: This interchange is the second most congested part of the Calais-Duisburg Road. This unnecessary traffic jam is caused by this old interchange prefab. The ramps are too steep, there is inadequate road space between the two sets of ramps, and there are no turn lanes or traffic lights. Rebuilding this junction will improve the flow of traffic, smoothen curves on both the C-D road and the A1, and improve turning off and on the freeway. Adding this new junction will not negatively affect the C-D road as this is only a small section of road being modified, and traffic will be able to flow through this junction more at ease than ever before.
  11. This is a GOOD IDEA but it should be OPTIONAL. Some people do like the default ui — myself included
  12. My company has at least 100 drivers For each driver - they get one Iveco something (i cant remember) BUT its the cheapest truck in the game For myself - I have one truck - A new gen Scania On the rare occasion that I buy a new truck (most of the time, this is a newer gen of a truck), I give the old truck my next employee in my most oldest garage Ik this is silly but I like to play the game like real life so lol
  13. Lol I purposely take the C-D road because of how busy it is! I want to be around as many ppl as possible when i play mp
  14. I agree with the majority... I use my high beam to greet or to warn someone I am overtaking. I sometimes do a few short honks in a row to greet. When I’m angry at someone - I’ll ether hold down the air horn, normal horn, or both at the same time. I may spam a horn quickly at someone, and sometimes I quickly go in a pattern between both horns if I’m really angry.
  15. In the TruckSims: Its fun to drive somewhere far away from my home — and to drive something that that I probably wont drive in my lifetime IRL: It is relaxing, & I love sightseeing, exploring new places, going on roads I have or haven't been on before — especially on a sunny 25°C day with a light wind (I live in Southern Ontario, Canada, so this only happens 5-6 months out of the year) For me: its often more about the journey than it is about the destination!
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