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  1. i dont know for you, but i like convoys because they are funny and you can drive with friends
  2. Croatia, but going to Ireland next week
  3. this ***** in blue truck should be perma banned
  4. Scania is my love, not because of 730 HP, its just beautiful truck
  5. damn, this is so gooooooooooooood
  6. profile: 9/10 sig 10/10, i like street race, drift etc
  7. and dont use automatic transmission if u play with keyboard, 2k+ RPM ftw
  8. he should try 85 ton mod, much "easier" than 125 ton with Volvo or Scania 700+ hp
  9. yep, u need to activate it again in SP and all skins are replaced by this mod
  10. ty for returning speedlimit! SL - speedlimit NSL - no speedlimit
  11. Speedlimiter has been disabled. Turks are crazy enough at 90 km/h
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