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  1. Happy bday harley grill! 

    1. White Wolf.

      White Wolf.

      Thank you Nataliia :wub:

  2. Meow Everyone, regarding the save editing stuff...
    In order to make it clear and to avoid any inconvenience for my self and for you too, I will explain something here: I know i was answering people doubts about Save editing through the old Topic for it, but it is closed now and since I left the Team, i no longer have the 100% guarantee of you not getting banned, since the rules have changed and I only answer based on the rules. Before I used to act directly to the Staff team responsible for the editing stuff, so I could give you a safe response. Now that I left, it is also not allowed to give you the reply or also not nice for you to ask directly to me if there is already a new topic for it, here:

     I know it might take a while to give you a answer, really I am sorry for that, but I no longer can help, totally, there are things I know, but it is also not allowed from my part to go against the rules I used to apply, so please understand that. Anyway, thank you for the trust you have on me to give you such answers about your doubts. Please, do not get banned. Thank you.


    Herkese merhaba, Bunu açıkça söylemek ve sizin için herhangi bir rahatsizliği önlemek için birşeyler anlatmak istiyorum: Save edit ile ilgili eski konuda sorularinizi cevapliyordum biliyorum, ama o konu kapandi artik ve takimdan ayrildiğim için, size banlanmiyacağiniza dair herhangi bir garanti veremem. Kurallar değişti ve kurallara göre artik cevap veriyorum. Bundan önce, size net bir cevap vermek için, save edit ile ilgili takim üyesine soruyordum. Şimdi ayrıldığım için, size artik bir cevap da veremem. Bununla ilgili yeni bir konu acıldı: https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/topic/79756-save-editing-what-are-the-rules/ - Cevap gelene kadar zaman alir biliyorum ve bunun için çok üzgünüm, ama size artik yardim edemem. Save editle ilgili bilgim var, ama kurallara karşi gelemem. Umarim bunu anlarsiniz. Her neyse, cevabimi beklerken, güveniniz için teşekkür etmek istiyorum. Lütfen ban yemeyin.




  3. MeOw everyone! 
    Reflexion moment.
    Never let your pride and what you have materially interfere with who you are for yourself, inside. Be sincere, be happy, be you. Do not try to be someone you are not. Do not allow a role in a company, or even family and daily life,  change your way of thinking and changes you to be bad with the people around you, remember that one day you help and the other you are helped. The same paw you reach to someone will be reach to you. Always share good and never evil, think of yourself and others too. If not, you will fall and no one will be there to hold you.
    Be pawsome.


  4. mEoW!

    That day when you are in your Lady Gaga moment, and you have a unexpected guest.

    This is a homeless buddy that comes to visit me daily to get food and sometimes to have a bath. No, he do not belong to me and I am not allowed to keep him. I named him Mufasa. 

  5. MeOw!

    Happy Late New Year people!

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    2. [D.G.T]Asierrayo[ES]


      Happy Late New Year Nataliia! Meow!!!! :wub:

    3. galantisCC


      It is never too late to wish you a happy new year! ;)

    4. sshadmin


      Only 3 days in, so Happy New Year Nat! 

  6. Meow!

    Thank you everyone for the good wishes for my birthday, no time to answer all xd...
    And also, merry Christmas people!


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    2. [D.G.T]Asierrayo[ES]


      Merry Christmas!!!!! and Happy Birthday!!! I'm sorry I forgot it ;-;

    3. Nameless Ghoul

      Nameless Ghoul

      Happy Belated Birthday. 

  7. Happy bday! 
    Same day ;3


    1. Soul Knight

      Soul Knight

      How lucky, we are still the same year:D

    2. Lonelychild


      @Soul Knight@Nataliiahappy birthday:)

       Merry Christmas-_-

  8. Meow... Can you feel it? The smell of stupidity and immaturity in the air. 



    Also, happy holidays everyone. 

  9. Meow!

    When you stop to think that one of the songs you like the most is only 13 years old, but still as good as your childhood. :mlg_doge:


  10. Meow everyone!

    Sweet, beautiful caravan, here, one bigger 'mobile-home'. ^_^






    Caravan mod made by @LSPD Gamer :wub: and paintjob by @sshadmin :wub:

  11. Meow everyone,

    In order to answer everyone who is asking me about the new editing rule, at once, i will write here, and I edited the save editing topic with this same information, if you would like to read it there.


    The local save editing is not allowed only when the editing is made by /home/ path/prefix, other than that, it is still allowed.

    What we mean... Customized addon parts such as steering wheels, light bars, headlights, and similar are still permitted. But, following the allowed steps of course. And edited stuff with the default things of game, for example, you can use a Scania's sound in a Volvo, it is alright to be used. Well, the editions that do not follow the rules and our specifications, will end up being kicked from the game.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

    The editing topic is here if you would like to have a visit or clear a doubt: 

    Thank you all.

  12. When I am in game and I see someone with excessive save Editing or inappropriate items placed on vehicle.


  13. [TRIAL SUPPORTER] @Mariio transferred to Community Moderation.
  14. When you take 100 pictures in game, and there is only one decent. :thisisfine:


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    2. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Great photo and nice truck + trailer :wub:

    3. FBTC - Raaphael

      FBTC - Raaphael

      Boa captura. #IVECO:Isto é bom:

    4. Nameless Ghoul

      Nameless Ghoul

      Sounds like you natty. ;) 

  15. In 1.32 with my potato/calculator PC. :thisisfine:






  16. [COMMUNITY MODERATOR] @Lukavsky TMP left the team due personal reasons. We thank him for his efforts and help in the Team.
  17. Hai everyone!


    Regarding the new update of the rules in order to support ETS2/ATS, the rules about Save Editing has been updated and changed in order to make it clear and fair for all.

    - Local mods are now allowed.
    The other users will see your truck as a default one, depending of what you add, but always keeping in mind the vehicle must be functional. 

    > Local only sound; (OK)
    > Local only interior; (OK)
    > Local GPS interior; (OK)
    > Local only vehicles; (OK) - (Examples: Replacement of vehicles with the ones with lettering on the windows, replacement of car.  What other users will see will be the normal/default version the vehicle they are built on.)

    Of course there are exceptions, that is why you need always ask if you are unsure!

    This will be added to the Save Editing topic, and if you have any doubt, please, ask there.
    Don't get banned unfairly.
    Ask! Don't be shy!
    In order to ask your doubt do it here:



  18. Por Inatividade, este tópico será movido para "Tópicos inativos".
  19. Meow everyone!

    If you give favors that only goes to the top ones, the pyramid system will crumble down. What makes it stay firm and correct, is it's base. If you remove the base of it, it will crumble down.

    Don't think you are less important than someone who is in the top, without you, the whole building will fall. You are as important as everyone in the system.


  20. [COMMUNITY MODERATOR] @Mr Yop Left the team due personal reasons. We are grateful for his efforts into the Team.
  21. Good morning TruckersMP, 
    I will share something with you guys today, not the happiest thing you will hear. 

    Last night, an awful thing happened. I know some people don't give anything for the  beings they have in their life. Or some who are too heartless to think about how innocent the creatures that are non humans can be, and how they are really exactly like us, they feel, they love, they suffer.

    I have lost someone who were part of my life, part of my entire life until now. She stick with me everyday, of her 14 years life, there was not one day which she was not there with me or out of my thoughts. When I needed her the most, she was there to give me love and affection, be I right or wrong with her, if I failed her or not. Mizinga, my lovely cat, lived a life deserved and worthy of a Queen. She reigned my life with her love and innocence she had. The most protective and lovable being on Earth. 
    She will be irreplaceable, but would be selfish and heartless of myself if I decide to never help or have any other being with me, to care for. She wouldn't want it. There is many other helpless beings that need caring and some love.

    What happened with Mizinga, was the most horrible thing I would want to something, or someone. She was poisoned by a bad person. Someone threw poisoned sausages over my roof, and since i let her live around with no leash, she found it and ate it. While I was not around her for 10 minutes... After a few minutes she started to roll and squirming, crying out for help. I had nothing on my mind if not "I have to help her", I left home in a desperate speed to bring her to the closest vet, stayed there with her for 5 hours, she had serum and antibiotics to eliminate the foreign substance she has eaten. The doctor who was with me there, said her kidneys were already committed, as well as her uterus and stomach, which should be removed by surgery. I booked a surgery for her, that would have happened this morning, at 5 AM. I brought her home, and tried to keep her warm, since her temperature was very low, she couldn't eat without giving food into her mouth using a syringe. I had leave home to get a borrowed Cat Bag/Cage to transport her in the car by the morning, and when I get home, 10 mins later, she was looking at me and I could almost see and hear she calling for me. I approach to her and stayed the most calm possible to help her relax and chill due the rough situation we were passing. I hold her paw, and looked at her, I could see in her eyes she was claiming for help her end it, and if it was going to happen at any time. I struggled the most I could to don't cry while looking at her closing her eyes slowly. Hold her paw the way she most liked, and I felt she hugging my finger with her claws, through her paw pillow. She made the lowest meow I ever heard she doing, and closed her eyes permanently. I couldn't accept that, called for her name, for minutes, shaked her head, blew air to her nose, and no response. I put her in my arms and still trying to call her, but I had to accept that her time come, and there was nothing I could do anymore. I did everything I could to help her, but when she needed me the most, I failed her.

    After that, the only thing I can have on my mind is how cruel and heartless a human can be, by ending the life of an innocent being like her, who never did anything bad against anyone, the most docile thing ever. I've lost faith on humanity after that.

    Mizinga had a life full of joy, fun and all the love she needed  until her last moment. I will never forget how much she mean for me and how she filled my life with joy after she joined it.

    It is with pain, and pride, that I want to say how much I love her.

    Mizinga Ka, 03.07.2004 - 08.16.2018



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    2. Noxii


      People who do such things deserves to be treated the exact same way instead of innocent beings, the person/persons who did such a horrendous thing deserves to be force fed with that poision.

    3. [VIVA] Dejonckheere2002

      [VIVA] Dejonckheere2002

      She was beautiful! Sad she is gone, I'm really sorry for you

    4. ALLIANCE Jean M.

      ALLIANCE Jean M.

      Também tinha uma gata na raça siamês que apareceu em casa e decidi cuidar dela, pois estava mal tratada e com fome. E assim começou.. mas ela morreu pelo mesmo motivo, morreu por envenenada, pois ela ficava sempre na grade da parede (no muro) e com a inocência dela, provavelmente alguém passou lá e deu algo para ela. Ela ficou muito mau, quase morreu na beira da morte.. Eu e minha mãe conseguiu ressuscitar ela, e viveu mais 3 dias (provavelmente para se despedir) pois fazia movimentos muitos óbvios, como se ela quisesse se despedir, só que no outro dia acordei com ela na mesma situação e dessa vez não teve volta.. ela morreu. :(


      Eu também perdi a fé na humanidade, como conseguem ser tão ruins para um ser indefeso? Mas existe a lei do retorno, tudo que vai volta. Principalmente o meu maior desejo de justiça foi que se a pessoa, que fez isso, deveria morrer por ter pecado dessa maneira.

  22. Hello guys, tip for the day:
    Stop trying to make the others feel down... if you desire for someone to fail, you are just digging your hole and going to drown in your own disgrace. 
    If all you do is having a circle around you, you wont go anywhere. Stop being so reclusive and selfish. Be better, be yourself, don't try to impress someone by acting like who you are not.  All what you always aimed to find and get, is inside your soul. 


  23. [COMMUNITY MODERATOR] @ThisIsAlex left the team due personal reasons. Thank you for your good work!
  24. When you are driving and you go park and steals someone's vacancy and park there perfectly, while the other person looks at you with a mean face.




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