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  1. Nataliia

    Real Damage?

    Hello @SkodaRunner, The suggestion is pretty nice, would really be fun, but that would be a SCS job to implement such change to the game. We, TruckersMP do not pretend to add real damage to the multiplayer. It would have to be applied depending of the way you hit/ram would interfere highly to the rest of the game and others. TruckersMP do not work with such changes to the vanilla game.
  2. Nataliia

    dlc skins in MP

    Hello @Ozols550, What you want to do is using a paintjob that is not currently supported by our multiplayer mod. When a Paint is released, it takes some time until the mod is supporting it. We are not supporting the Latvian DLC at this moment, just like some others DLC we are not supporting yet, in the succeeding update, hopefully we will! Looking forward for it.
  3. Nataliia

    new roads?

    Hello, @SkodaRunner Yes, SCS is rebuilding and reworking parts of the vanilla MAP, and most likely new things will be coming with it. You can read about it by visiting SCS site and reading over their blogpost regarding the new updates here and here . Hopefully this cleared your doubt. TruckersMP do not add roads or modify directly the map, at the moment.
  4. Hello, @Ferynacz98765 The rules state clearly that the European laws are applied to the multiplayer, the same for ATS. Here: [...] Traffic laws and road signage must be obeyed. This means European road laws and signage must be followed in ETS2 and American road laws and signage must be followed in ATS. [...] And here: §1.6 - Law and piracy No violation of international laws or national laws that can apply to TruckersMP is allowed. You are not allowed to share, upload or otherwise enable software piracy using any of our platforms. The law you mentioned above also applies to the game. I hope this cleared your suggestion.
  5. Nataliia

    Crews? Companies?

    Hello @GKD2020, First of all, these crews you see are VTC drivers, Virtual Truck Company. They can be of a small number of friends who drive together, to a whole serious company that takes the kilometers you make to another level. Each group have their own rules, their own point of view and how they would play. Some simulate to above the limits, and some just drive for fun and for the sake of having someone to drive with. Being in a VTC is way better than driving alone, in my personal opinion, you have more people to talk to, and can make friends easily and have more fun. You can join a big convoy, park like company drivers... There is also a system that allows you and your company to compete with others to see which one makes more kilometers, it is pretty fun and can involve you more with the Trucking Community. Here you can find a VTC section, to so you learn more and know about the existent ones: https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/forum/432-companies/ This is the APP i mentioned: https://trucksbook.eu/ you can learn more about the app by visiting their site.
  6. Nataliia

    triple in Calais

    Hello, This is made via save editing, the triple can stay in Calais, the city doesn't have the auto kick enabled for such trailers. There is a specified area for that kind of thing. You can have a look on the Save editing section if you have any doubt about how to make some cool changes, that are under the rules, for your vehicle. https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/forum/423-save-editing/
  7. Since this is not related to the Q&A section, I will be moving this topic to the Support section.
  8. Hello @meitruix, Currently, we have no plans to alter the amount of money given when you do a job with a caravan.
  9. Hello @HarrisonR, Actually, the busiest places in game are: Calais, Duisburg, Osnabrück, Rotterdam, Brussels, Milano, Paris, Koln (Cologne now). However, these dare dangerous places in the vanilla map which you can't be 100% sure if you will arrive or leave at 0% damage. Try also the entrance of DLCs, if you have, Kiel, Gdànsnk (Going East DLC), Dijon or Lyon (Viva La France), . If you want a populated area, but still safe to be in, try to go in cities in the middle of the vanilla map. München (Munique), Manheim. It is pretty random, depends of your way of playing.
  10. Hello @Rockboy, We are not planning to extend the Roaming Server to ATS. It will be of exclusive use for the Euro Truck Simulator 2, in an upcoming event we can focus on the American Truck too! It will not be forgotten! However, at the moment, the "Roaming server" will be destined to the Euro Truck Sim 2!
  11. Nataliia


    Hello @Elias9354 , Entendo perfeitamente que está infeliz com a demora que os reports podem estar sendo tomados. Mas não existe nenhum tipo de prioridade para gringos ou o que seja, não há nenhum privilégio para nenhuma nacionalidade. O que pode ocorrer é o que o Fernando disse, há mais falantes da língua inglesa do que o português. Fecharei este tópico para evitar qualquer forma de farmar posts ou respostas erradas.
  12. Abaixo você pode ver todos os membros da equipe da TruckersMP que falam Português. Isso não significa que você deve entrar em contatos com eles, use os canais adequados para cada necessidade. Você poderá solicitar ajuda, porém tenha em mente que somente os membros do Suporte têm a obrigação de oferecer apoio aos usuários. O resto da equipe não tem obrigação de fazê-lo porém pode optar por ajudar. @Tuna_ @V.i.c.t.o.r. @Mystere @Mike Dragon @Davidsvr6-TMP @El Reja @EL KEES @øAlmeida @Davidsvr6-TMP @Santi. Sinta-se a vontade e bom jogo! Este tópico será atualizado constantemente conforme mudanças na Staff sejam feitas.
  13. Dear Truckers, It's that time again! We're opening up this section for a limited period of time, for you all to ask the following upper staff members all your questions. Here is some more information about who we are! Developers _J-M Hey everyone, As you may know my name is Jean-Mathieu and I've been a developer for TruckersMP for the past 5 years. I'm currently 26 years old and I joined the team when they did the first public recruitment. When I joined the team I was hire to be a "In-Game Administrator". I was in that position until Rootkiller was offered a position at SCS since they are always in a need of a developer. Once Rootkiller got to know he got accepted and asked me and Kat_pw if we wanted to be promoted as a developer. Once I joined the developer position, I did a lot of tweak to the code. The majority of the code was done in plain PHP and all the main functionality was in one file. When I started the file had probably 3k lines and after I wrote the Ban Appeal and Report System that file was around 10-12k lines. There was so much code in that single file that it was causing my code editor to crash and being so laggy so don't ever do that xD. Quite a bit of time after, Tuxy joined our team and told us that we should move to Laravel to improve the code readability and making it easier to add feature and all the fun stuff. It took around a year to write all the feature we had on the old site to the new site. On the more personal note, I think my favorite food is poutine. A poutine is made of french fries, cheese curds and gravy all mix together. I also like to go in-game and try to make the player respect the rule while playing RP. The playerbase seems to enjoy it and make everyone happy. Happy Trucking everyone! Project Manager Smoky_TMP Hi all, my name is Joni, I am 22 years old and I come from Belgium. I have joined the TruckersMP team as a Forum Moderator and got In-Game Admin in only 28 days after which I worked very hard to get to the Team Leader role. Eventually, that led to my promotion to CM and then to Game Manager. In October 2018, I had the chance of becoming a Vice Project Manager. Of course I accepted this offer, something I haven't regret for a single second. Being a Project Manager is a unique chance, one has to cope with a lot of responsibilities and sometimes needs to take hard decisions. It is very important to me that people respect each other and behave properly. That this is not always the case, can be seen on a daily basis when dealing with feedback, or angry users who send me messages on discord, forum, Facebook.. When I want to relax a bit, I often play Battle Royale games, FIFA 19, Rocket League or FPS games. Since I am working part-time or five days a week, I am usually fully available during the afternoon but one can already reach me at daytime due to having my laptop available as I work for an IT company. If you have any questions, you can always ask me. Vice Project Manager Forerunner I am Forerunner, you may know me from one of my previous roles in the team as I joined the team 3 years ago. At present, I am the Vice Project Manager at TruckersMP, however I currently still also perform the duties of my previous role, Add-On Manager. I joined the TruckersMP community over 3 years ago now, and from the very start I knew it was something special; the community wasn't just a collection of players, but a group of people willing to help each other and work together to achieve common goals. I started out by making MP allowed unofficial mods, which I still do to this day although less often. Human Resources Nathan - Senior HR Hello, I am Nathan, and I am a part of Human Resources. I have had an account in TruckersMP since close to the beginning, and have been active on and off throughout the years. I became active again in 2017 and got recruited as Trial Game Moderator Observer on the 24th July 2018. After completed my training and passed my trial period I continued with my duties as a Game Moderator. An opportunity to become a Human Resources member was put forward and I managed to get myself a position in the newly created team. My main task as a Human Resources member is mainly dealing with recruitment and internal staff-related things within the team. Outside of TruckersMP, I’m quite a busy person. I have a full time job which takes up a lot of my time, but on my down time I like to mainly play first-person shooters. My go-to FPS currently is Counter Strike: Global Offensive (and has been for a long time!). Feel free to message me if you ever need assistance. Armonk Heya! I am Wilhelmus or known as Armonk in the community. I am from Saskatchewan, Canada. I joined the TruckersMP team almost 10 months ago. I have worked my way up to the Human Resources team currently where I deal with recruitment, complaints against staff, and many more tasks. Before this, I was a supporter, then a Game Moderator. I love the community that surrounds TruckersMP, and chatting with users who play this and enjoy trucking with friends, as well as meeting other people. My current job also relates to truck simulators, as I am a truck driver, hauling crude oil in the oilpatch where I am from. Some of my hobbies include: drag racing/drifting, restoring classic vehicles, as well as coaching Special Olympics! NeonLeon Hello everybody! My name is NeonLeon, 17 years old and living in a little city near Darmstadt in Germany. Entirely aimless, I joined the simulation community two years ago when I first started to play Microsoft Flight Simulator X at IVAO. 2016 I heard the first time about TruckersMP as some of my friends asked me to drive some trips together. I registered on the 14th of January 2017 and it didn’t take long to make new friends who had the same aim as me - starting a vtc. I spent much time at this vtc, a time I still have many memories about and a time I got much knowledge and experience. I’ve joined many trucking companies, visited almost every single place on the map and in May 2018, one day after my birthday, I got a great birthday present from TruckersMP and the possibility to join the team as a supporter. I worked as a supporter for 4 months, then I’ve been promoted to Game Moderator and at the beginning of this year, I became part of our HR Team. As you see, I’ve already been in many positions and got to know many different people. But every position at TMP had something in common: Team spirit, respect, and loyalty. TruckersMP already taught me at the beginning that joining the team is sometimes not easy and it’s not a place to relax. Success has nothing to do with luck but the result of hard work and diligence took me to the place where I am now. Because I had one aim: ,,Do everything to help the community and improve TruckersMP in every single way you can think about!" I’m now responsible for our staffing and staff-related issues. I’m dealing with complaints, recruitment and applications, scouting and also many other small things. If you want to contact me, my private messages are always open for you! Slushbro Hello, my name is Richard and I am a part of the Human Resources team at TruckersMP. I am 20 years old and studying teaching for elementary schools. I joined the team back in March 2018 as a Supporter and switched to the Game Moderation team in July 2018. January 2019 I was promoted to the role as Human Resources were I am now. My hobbies are playing basketball and reading all kind of stuff. I live in Germany and are a great fan of strategy and simulation games. In the role as HR member, I try to help every other team were I can and are responsible for the recruitment, so if you are going to join the team you will get me to know or one of the other HR members. If you have some general questions you can forward them anytime to me and I will try to solve them. If there is a problem with one team member please feel free to contact us via a DM or a Feedback Ticket. I love my work here at TMP since I am in contact with a lot of people and are able to solve issues solve problems before they arise. If you are going to see a blue apple as an avatar it will be most likely me so feel free to say hello. Happy Trucking and bye for now. Community Managers Prime - Senior CM Hey, I am Kevin, born in the best year ever (1992) and in the country with the best food and a ridiculous amount of beer brands (Belgium). I got my Master's degree in Information Management and Multimedia in 2015. Shortly after, I started working as a Test Engineer which evolved into Project and Release Management. Next to my full-time job I also have my own company for which I work part-time. The company itself is a result of a project assignment I got as a student. I joined, like many people here, as a Forum Moderator. It did not take long for me to become a Game Moderator and so I worked my way up. I am currently a Senior Community Manager and make sure everything related to community management runs smoothly. Next to those, I also work on some media stuff (such as videos and images) on which I currently mostly give advise but still do some own work and I also work on some of the legal stuff such as copyright (for which I designed with input from other people the brand guide) and GDPR. I started playing on TruckersMP shortly after the mod was first released in 2014 and have been playing it ever since. It still amazes me when I look back at what this mod and community used to be back then and to see what it is now. I really love being part of this amazing team and TruckersMP in general because this enables me to interact with many people from various nationalities and cultural beliefs. As for the future of this mod and my journey within it: to be continued. Nataliia Hello everyone, my name is Natàlía and I am now a Community Manager for TruckersMP. Currently, I am 22 years old. I first joined the team in January 2016 as a Support member and left in June 2016 due some in real life issues which ended me with some inactivity for the team. I joined again in May 2017 as a Support member, had to leave in the end of 2018, recently rejoined and here I am now. It is and will always be a pleasure to help the Team and you, the Community, I love how we have this many different people, with all these tons of different cultures and thoughts we share. I am a cat person, a cat lover. I take care of stray cats, every day a new one comes in to my home and I name every cat and each one knows their name when I call them. I do not have any hobby, other than feeding cats and doing drawings. I know how to make pizza, and I am a master on it. I like to write songs and poems, and read mangas during my spare time. I do not mind being tagged, messaged privately or being called "Admin", if you need me, feel free to poke, it is a pleasure to know that users have compassion and care for our work here. I try to make the users follow the rules without the need of doing it harshly or punishing, I try to guide instead of banning, so if I ever ban you, it is because you deserved it . Feel free to ask me anything you need, even if you only need someone to listen to you, I am here for that. Feel free to follow and drive with me whenever or wherever you find me on roads. Happy Trucking, be pawsome, and meow-ow. Kap Hey, I am Kap! I come from Poland I have been in the TruckersMP community since the beginning (early 2014) and that has given me the perfect knowledge about our community and it's needs. Before in my time as a team member I have been a Forum moderator where I closely worked with the community to gather it's needs and ideas. Now, as a Community Manager I would like to accomplish those ideas to make sure the community is happy and satisfied. Outside of my role as a TMP staff member I have been in many virtual trucking groups therefore I got to know so many people, their opinion and views on TruckersMP which allowed me to continue successfully in my role completing those goals. I am now as a Community Manager with my fellow friends working out the best possible paths and ideas for the community, you may not see us much around however we plan many thing in advance! We focus mainly on quality as quantity has been achieved. After being a Community Manager for 6 months I realized it may not be so easy to keep you guys entertained, informed and keep things organised at the same time, you may not see me around however I always overlook the forums, social media sites and other platforms to gather the ideas you guys have! Being a Community Manager is not an easy task, you need to know what is right for the community and at the same time you need to know what is possible, know what to tell the audience and keep them satisfied, making sure each members is happy, never mind which language they speak. In my time here, I've mostly looked after Vtcs however my priority also looks after other groups, If you have any questions, or want to contact t me further, please do so, I'm always available! Wheezy Hello, my name is Ryan and I am one of the Community Managers at TruckersMP! I am 20 years old and I live near Newcastle in the northeast of the UK. I joined the team as a Supporter just over 2 years ago and I have experienced many different ranks over the time including Community Mod & Game Mod. It was a great experience and I gained so much knowledge of TruckersMP and all of this knowledge has eventually ended in the current position. Generally, I am the Social Media specialist dealing with everything related to the important social media means regarding TruckersMP! I additionally stream over on our YouTube channel as well! I hope to be able to answer all of your questions if you have any. Game Managers Marco6158 - Senior GMM Hi, my name is Marco and I'm Italian. I'm about to complete my studies in Mechanical Innovation and already got a diploma in Electronics. I joined the TruckersMP team over four years ago and since then I have gone through many roles, up to this point. I am passionate about this role and every day I encounter a different challenge which pushes me to do more and do it better and faster. Being a Senior Game Manager is very demanding and it's no easy task, but with interest, dedication and knowledge, I put all my efforts into improving the TruckersMP environment in the subjects my role covers, whether it be game rules, game moderation, recruitment or game moderation management. Aestrial Hi there. I'm Aestrial, one of the Game Managers here at TruckersMP. I'm from the United Kingdom, specifically the west of the country. I joined the team back in mid-2017, just under two years ago, as a Community Moderator and since then have rose through most ranks in the team to the position I hold today. I was one of the first Game Moderator Trainers to be enrolled in the new team, and held that role in conjunction with Leader at the time. I'm very passionate about my role as Game Manager and it's an absolute privilege to serve the members of the community in such an important position, ensuring fair and proper moderation of our game platforms. I'm principally responsible for the operations of our trainers and training, dealing with event rules and working with our team to improve efficiency, amongst other important duties. A role as a Game Manager is one that holds a great deal of responsibility, and thus pushes you to your maximum; but with dedication, knowledge and time you can make a real difference within this position, for the better. JeffSFC Hello, I'm Jeff, a 28 year old Network Engineer from the United States. I'm a massive fan of Southampton FC as I lived there for a bit when I was younger and it's also where my mum calls home. I also play football myself, as a goalkeeper. I first joined TMP in 2015 as a forum moderator and I have stuck with the mod ever since. Not long into being a forum moderator, I was given the opportunity to move into game moderation work and that's where I've specialized ever since. There is no shortage of work as a Game Manager here and I will do my best to ensure any issue I come across is handled as best as possible with the tools that I am given. Community Moderation Managers Frosty. Hello, my name is Frosty and I am a Community Moderation Manager here at TruckersMP. I joined the team back in June 2018 as Support and since then I have always tried my best to help everyone with whatever they need help with. I transferred to the role of Trial Game Moderator Observer a few months after I joined the team. While I did like being a Game Moderator, I liked Community Moderator better, hence why I moved back to Community Moderator in November 2018. Since January 2019 I have been a (Community Moderation) manager. I have some hobbies, such as doing work out in the gym every week and playing tennis in my free time. I also have a huge passion for aviation and cars. My favorite animal is a cat. I had a cat a couple of years ago, but he died unfortunately, the cause of death is unfortunately still unknown. When I play TruckersMP, I always try to help people to make sure they follow the rules so we don't have to enforce those rules on that person, which is in the end the best, I would assume. In my free time I also usually listen to music. My favorite genres are rap, hip-hop and 80s (Drake, Queen etc). If you need anything from me, don't hesitate to contact me through Discord, the Forum, or perhaps even Steam. I don't mind being tagged or messaged at all! Kind regards, Frosty. KhaosHammer Is it my turn? What? Not yet? M'kay I'll come back lat.... wait... is it? They're already reading? Oh ahem... well... hello everyone, I am Raphaël aka KhaosHammer on internet and here on TruckersMP! I am currently 28 years old and I work in the luxury jewelry, watchmaking and leather goods. Before my current job and 3-4 years without any job, I was in the gaming industry with a company that develops and publish games. I won't say its name but if I tell you the word "DLC" you'll know which company it is. I am from Switzerland, a small country that everyone confuses with Denmark because of our flag. I live in the city where the founder of Chevrolet was born, the city of La-Chaux-de-fonds in the Swiss mountains, the 8th highest city in Europe. I joined TruckersMP on the December 25th while I was alone at home and sick. I was watching randoms videos on YouTube and I came across that video of a huge traffic jam with flying trucks at Europoort. I was like "Woah ahah I must try this game!" And 6 months later, the legendary FirestarteR contacted me after my Forum Moderator application and accepted me in the TruckersMP family. 3 months later, Scar, our former Project Manager, contacted me for the first ever wave of Trial Administrators promotion along with Nataliia and Aestrial which are also Managers today. After 4 months as a Trial Admin/GM, I've got promoted as a Team Leader and 9 months later, Scar contacted me once again for, this time, a promotion in the support staff of TruckersMP in my current role. I don't know what the future holds for me and for TMP, but I'll do anything I can and I'll be here for this amazing community as long as I possibly can! Our journey together i far from over! If you have any question, my forum inbox is always open, and if you see me in-game, don't hesitate to say hai! Happy trucking and thanks for being such an amazing community! Support Managers GGF MD Hey! My name is GGF MD and I am one of the 2 Support Managers here at TruckersMP! In the case you didn't know me yet, I would like to introduce myself a bit. I'm currently 17 years old and I live in a little village with ~250 citizens in Germany. I started my journey at TruckersMP on the 23rd of January 2018 as a Trial Supporter. In the past year I worked my way up in the ranks and got the chance to see many sided of the TruckersMP Team. I was in several ranks such as Trial and Full Support, Trial and Game Mod, Game Moderator Leader and now Support Manager. I had several secondary ranks such as Discord Moderator, Language Forum Moderator and Social Media Team Member. For a few months I even had three ranks at the same moment. Even if that was quite hard and stressful sometimes, I always enjoyed my stay here at TMP. In December 2018 I received the opportunity from the old Project Management and Human Resources Team to join the TruckersMP Upper Staff Team as Support Manager. From that moment on I am managing, coordinating and training the Support Team and I also make sure everything support related is up to our standards. As a fun fact, Support Manager is my longest main rank I was ever part of. I am still enjoying my work here at TruckersMP and I hope I can have a long and great time as manager here at TMP. I also love it to work along with my colleague Ali as I think we both are a nearly perfect team. Event Manager Digital Greetings! I am the Event Manager here at TruckersMP. I am currently 24 years old, from Staffordshire, United Kingdom. I love to play video games, listening to music (mostly drum & bass and trance), taking long walks with my dog (border collie), and driving my Ford Fiesta! I joined TruckersMP in 2014, after discovering ETS2MP on ModDB.com. A lot has changed since then, as this was when the community was only just starting to grow. Between then and early 2016, I was involved with virtual trucking company 'Soarfly Haulage' (SFH), where I was Managing Director of their events department. In April 2016, I joined the TruckersMP Team to be a Forum Moderator, and three months later in July 2016, I was invited to take on the In-Game Administrator (IGA) role. After a couple of months, I took on the responsibility of being one of the first IGA Team Leaders. Fast forward to August 2017, I was offered and accepted the role of Community Manager, to offer support in various areas. My primary tasks were related to community events, including the design, planning, and implementation of official events at a whole new level. I also created a Convoy Control team of around 20 members to support events. From March 2018, these members joined the TruckersMP Team officially, as the Event Team. You can regularly see us hosting Official Convoys, Staff Convoys, Real Operations, and annual special events. The team also support more community events, including convoys for well-known live streamer Squirrel. The most recent major change was in July 2018, where I replaced the role of Community Manager, to Event Manager, due to my dedication in this area. Today, my daily tasks consist of reviewing feedback, managing event servers and requests, community event public relations, as well as designing and implementing official events. I have a strong passion for what I do in the community and am very excited about what the future of TruckersMP will bring! Translation Manager BoSsik2 Hello everyone, I am Karol, or BoSsik2 on the internet. At the moment, I am 19 years old and i live in Poland. I joined the team in October 2017 as a Trial Support , in March 2018 i decided to leave the team for 3 months due to private matters , in June i decided to return to the team as a Trial Game Moderator, where here I am until now as the Translation Manager. I am responsible for my team of translators and for all officially content from TruckersMP that are shared in a different language than English. My hobby, skipping this game, are cars and motorcycles, for which I spend a lot of free time because i love to ride or sit in the garage and change something. i finished my school with a car mechanic profile andi am very happy that choosing this school years ago because thanks to it I could develop my passions and work in various car or truck services, in my list of places where i worked thanks to my school is the Mercedes Trucks service and Scania Trucks service, where I could repair large trucks and then ride and test them on the special test track after repair.I am currently working in my small family business with similar profile that I had at school, but soon I will be looking for a job in another company to gain more experience and in the future definitely expand my family business. If you have any questions about me/my rank, feel free to send a private message to me on the Forum, Discord. Happy trucking! Before you ask a question in this section, please read the informational topic how this section works. Thanks in advance. https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/topic/83663-qa-section-how-does-it-work/ Sincerely, The TruckersMP Management
  14. Dear Truckers, We are once again opening this section to allow you to ask questions about something you always wanted to know! You have the possibility to ask these people questions in this Question&Answer section. However, we have some rules you will have to follow in order for us to answer your topic. Since all the standard main TruckersMP rules still apply to this section as well, you can find them again right here. If a question is directed at a specific person, be sure to put that name in the title. For example, "Question to Smoky_TMP"; Each time you ask a question, you are supposed to make a new topic; Responses from the Upper Staff participating will be posted in the topic you created; Questions regarding the development or directed to a specific Developer can take some more time as they are busy with very important things regarding the future of TruckersMP; This section is under STRICT MODERATION which means that all posts by non-upper staff will be hidden! If a question was answered to your satisfaction, set the respective reply as a "Best Answer" to make us lock the post. Keep in mind that you can ask us anything, but , we can choose not to answer some personal questions and useless topics will be trashed straight away. To know more of each Upper Staff member, check out our simple presentation! Lastly, I want to point out that many questions have already been asked and were answered accordingly. You can have a look at our archive to check whether the desired information was already given earlier in our previous Q&A Topic! Start right HERE! Have fun! Sincerely, The TruckersMP Management
  15. MeOw,
    After not playing for a long while, decided to take a long trip tonight. Drove from Uppsala to Calais. Funny thing, I didn't see any bad driver on my way, and finished a delivery with 0% damage even passing by lots of users. Seems like it don't happen everyday. :troll:




    1. ScaniaFan89


      thats because they are all in bratslavia doing the wot event & later today they will be in italy doing it 

    2. MrHarv98


      Thanks for the info , i will go for a drive on C-D today night then.

  16. Somewhere, between the sacred silence and sleep

    Disorder, disorder, disorder.



    - Me irl those days. v


  17. Meow! When someone approaches to you, and say "We need to talk" :

    1. AloneWolf.


      +we have nothing to talk to you about. :troll: :lol:

    2. Nameless Ghoul

      Nameless Ghoul

      I don't want to talk to you Nat. You're mean to me :kappa:

  18. MeOw!!!
    Who said there is no real chemistry and love in a friendship? Those two are an example of real love and affection by someone who doesn't need to be your partner, your soul mate can be also your best friend, love someone who looks at you the way those two look at each other. This is life goals: 

    Xjmn48V.png Gaga my queen.

  19. MeOw! I know Valentine's day is gone already, but have some Pusheen's sweetness and cuteness overload here :3
    Totally worth watching if you are a cat person, or not! 


    1. Gilles03
    2. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      OMG that is soooooooooooooo cute :wub:

  20. mEoW!
    MAN and Ivecos were always my fav brand for trucks in game, and this new MAN is just too cute. 
    How come too many people say bad things about it? Come on people, you just don't know how to drive this little beast. 

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    2. DJFrontier


      Olha quem apareceeeu XD

    3. ScaniaFan89


      Nice truck but they really screwed up the sound on it

    4. AntoniojMG


      Ahí le has dado xd

  21. MeOw!
    After like 5 months, I will update my ETS2 and TMP again to play one more time in the next event coming soon. Many things seems to have changed.

  22. Meow. We are in a age of sadness.
    Just to clarify something that is stuck on my mind for a while already. Before thinking you are doing the right thing, by setting fire in to the others path, with unforgiving eyes, look at your own reflection and see the monster you have become. By killing a monster, you become one. Think about it, it is up to you to be one or be better. 
    Thank you.

    1. Smalley


      Ill have what she‘s having :troll:

  23. Meow!
    Not sure if everyone knows what is a MAP, but it is a Multi Animator Project. Different animators work in one single project to give life to a awesome video, united! 
    This is my favorite one, and I identify myself a lot with this, the song is very fitting, and of course, all of the characters are CATS, from WARRIORS book, by the awesome E.Hunter! :love:

    Pls watch, u wont regret it!


    1. BurakAKSAKAL


      Naatttt awwww! <3


    2. Silent Death_53

      Silent Death_53

      If you knows you're right, you shouldn't give up! :wub: Naatt :love:

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