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  1. mEoW!
    In love with this new R-T. ?




    1. ScaniaFan89


      Nice truck, Not so nice sound

  2. This is the kind of trailer that is missing in game!

    Pure happiness + food for the happiness. ?

  3. Update [18/08/2019] Atualização dos logos de cada equipe. Willians1002 removido da staff.
  4. Hello, First of all, thank you for your suggestion! I am afraid to say we will not move forward with your suggestion, after a discussion we had regarding it. The reason is: We have a Real Life Trucking channel on our Discord, which most of the times is used wrongly by non-real truckers. This caused some users who properly use the channel to complain and make tons of reports to us, about those who do not use the channel correctly. What do they do? Pick random Google pictures of Trucks, trailers, etc and bring it to a discussion, it is not a real trucker. What we expect from a trucker is to share his real-life, living on a cabin with a pillow and a steering wheel as company, this is real trucking, not taking pictures with a phone and say "this is a truck", that everybody can do, but not everybody can be behind a steering wheel and do the job. We look forward to your understanding. Rejected.
  5. MeOw! Can't remember the name of the city I was, but it's the Logging Company in ATS, Washington DLC.:thisisfine:
    Really cool place with cool people! :mlg_doge:


  6. Update [23/06/2019] @Nataliia Transferida para Comunity Moderation Manager. @willians1002 Promovido a Game Moderator.
  7. Hello @xenophobia Thank you for your suggestion, however, we already have something similar to your idea! Each community has its own topic to introduce new members or to salute currently members of the Forum. I will link here for you an example of the Portuguese Community topic: And this one in the Spanish Community: Regarding your suggestion, we have the Off Topic subforum, https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/forum/10-off-topic-discussion/ where you can talk with the Community and show your thoughts with the people worldwide! We will not proceed with this suggestion. It will be rejected. Thank you!
  8. Meow.

     Everyone is struggling with something whether big or small. But if one person takes a small interest in another, just spend one minute with that person, it can make a whole world of a difference in their day.
    Happy weekend on this beautiful Pride month. 


    1. Leon Baker

      Leon Baker

      Have a nice weekend Nat ^_^ 

    2. SpeedyTMP


      Have a Great weekend Nat <3 




      Have a Great weekend Nat:wub:

  9. [Update 19/05/2019] @en_field agregado al equipo.
  10. Update [16/05/2019] @Baratako Promovido a Game Moderator. @willians1002 Agregado.
  11. A continuación puedes ver a todos los miembros del equipo de TruckersMP que son españoles o hablan español. Esto, sin embargo, no significa que sólo porque hablan el mismo idioma que tú, tengas el derecho de enviarles mensajes sin parar, pidiendo que eliminen un ban o cualquier otra cosa. Puedes solicitar ayuda, pero ten en cuenta que sólo los miembros de Soporte tienen la obligación de ofrecer apoyo a los usuarios, el resto del equipo no tiene esa obligación, pero pueden ayudarte si así lo creen necesario. @Owen. @El Reja @Tuna_ @[MAGNO] Mystere @ppabli @Road Tracker @ThiagoBR_ @AntoniojMG™ @ZabbeX @Owen. ¡Buen viaje! Este tema se actualizará constantemente según los cambios en el Equipo del Staff.
  12. Nataliia

    Baneo Injusto

    Saludos @Narucriz! Lamento saber que ha sido baneado. Pero también me gustaría recordarle que nuestro foro no es el lugar correcto para hablar sobre las prohibiciones/baneos emitidas o si está de acuerdo con ellas o no. Tenemos una sección dedicada solo para eso en nuestro site: https://truckersmp.com/appeals! Puede apelar su prohibición aquí y está bien escribir en español. Si no está de acuerdo con lo que dice el Game Moderator que lee su apelación, no dude en presentar sus feedback aquí: https://truckersmp.com/feedback ! Voy a cerrar este post. Gracias!
  13. Meow!

    Good morning people. Just wanted to let you know that the Q&A section has been closed now. Thank you for all who participated and for the ones who tried to help too. The section is is highly strictly moderated and all replies by non Upper Staff Members were hidden, but that doesn't mean we don't appreciated the attempt you had to help. Thank you for helping, for participating, interacting and coming this way to clear the doubts you have! A new one might come in a further future!

  14. Hello @LabuGames, We request a sufficient knowledge of the English language, but that doesn't mean you need be fluent or a experienced person on it. If you can communicate, have a good grammar and can speak it (preferably). The basic english you learn at school, is most likely a base, if you know more than the basic, that would be more attractive during a recruitment. Being able to join and participate of a discussion, without the need of google translator, yet some words or small corrections, it can be of a good use. For example, the following words Feel and Fell mean something completely different. When you say you feel, you would feel the love of something. When you say fell, it mean that you falling from something, like falling of your chair or falling from your bed. I hope this cleared up your doubt. Thank you for participating!
  15. Nataliia

    ban invading

    Hello @SkodaRunner, First of all, you need have proper evidence/proof of what you claim or believe to be true. There can be many ways to prove it. Similar/same nickname, account info, pictures, etc. When you have enough proofs, you can report it to us and we will open a further investigation to so we can evaluate if the report is correct or not. Also, you can read on this topic if you have any doubt of how to use the report system, if you need. Be careful on road! Thank you!
  16. Hello @[KOR] KACANG51, SCS is rebuilding and reworking parts of the vanilla MAP, and most likely new things will be coming with it. You can read about it by visiting SCS site and reading over their blogpost regarding the new updates here and here , some places around Italy, and Number you can see here Hopefully this cleared your doubt. Thank you!
  17. Nataliia

    new roads?

    Best answer given. This question will be locked. Thank you for participating.
  18. Nataliia

    Real Damage?

    Best answer given. This question will be locked. Thank you for participating.
  19. Nataliia

    dlc skins in MP

    Best answer given. This question will be locked. Thank you for participating!
  20. Best answer given. This question will be locked. Thank you for participating, and sorry inconveniences caused.
  21. Nataliia

    kalıcı ban

    Answer with the best vote marked. This question will be locked. Thanks for participating!
  22. Nataliia

    Lifteable Axles

    Best answer marked. This question will be locked. Thanks for participating!
  23. Nataliia

    New chassis mod

    Best answer marked in. This question will be locked. Thank you for participating!
  24. Nataliia

    1.35 Support

    Best answer voted. This question will be locked. Thank you for your participation!
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