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  1. 1 hour ago, blabberbeak said:




    It doesn't suit any of you to disrespect the art of others and to suspect the TruckersMP team of rigging the results. 



    No one has commented on the first two photos, they are very beautiful and labor intensive. Have you looked at the third photo?

    It is full of pixels, blurry and of poor quality. Is it disrespectful to throw away labor photos or is it right to defend them?

    Ours is an opinion in this direction. You should learn to respect opinions too. You are not the one to weigh the level of respect when there is a proper and level discussion and right/wrong conflict here. I won't pollute this place by giving you another reply to avoid further discussion, but this is clear. This has been a contest where quality pictures have never received the recognition they deserve. From now on we will advertise the team on license plates and enter the competition with pictures with broken pixels. After all, editing efforts are frowned upon and ignored in favor of very poor quality photos.

    I offer my sincere congratulations to the first two friends. Well deserved rankings with quality and careful workmanship. However, I will start to doubt the health of the eyes of those who talk about right or justice for the 3rd photo.

    Kind Regards
    Black Alcoa

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