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  1. Thanks for follow.. 💜

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      your welcome :HaulieLove:

  2. Thanks for follow.. 💜

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      You're welcome, i also thank you! 💜

  3. Happy birthday, mate. I hope to see you around in your new age. 💜

    1. Turtle


      Thank you! Hopefully will see you around TruckersMP, too. 🙂 

  4. I am honored by your kind words. I'll be here with better ones.
  5. Congrats. 😇

  6. Good luck with your new job, man. Congrats. 💜

    1. Tσmmy


      Thank you for your wish, bro. ❤️

  7. I definitely enjoy the daytime driving more, the darkness of the night is overdone in the game and I think the headlight effects are bad.
  8. I usually prefer to play with clear skies, but with a bit of cloud cover, and the Skybox 3 and 5 options suit my taste quite well. I highly recommend using 5, especially during sunset moments. You will be mesmerized on the roads of Bologna - Ancone, Italy.
  9. I've been using G29+Shifter for about 1 year now, I'm very satisfied. It is an incredibly enjoyable experience if you use your driving style in favor of simulation and if you really drive like driving a truck. I use it with FFB settings off. I do not find the ffb settings satisfactory for the G29. The more I activate the retract feature, the more stiffness increases. In the T300RS series, on the contrary, it is possible to get 100% feedback and play with the lightness of a bird. However, g29 is still a steering wheel with enough ffb to compete with its competitors. I preferably use a semi-aggressive use that is more prone to simulation style with ffb turned off. So only g29.
  10. I had this problem with my old computer, which was low-equipped, and then I bought a new computer and the problem disappeared. However, although there is not much fps drop in areas with +30 people, as soon as I open TAB, -20 fps suddenly reflects. It happens 60% of the time, but not always. Whether I scale down or keep it high, the problem is a bit specific. It happens not always everywhere but in certain times and conditions. It could be an obsessive Tmp bug that I've encountered for years. I think the authorities are aware of it, but the solution may not be clear.
  11. Black Alcoa

    Music ?

    When I drive a truck, believe me, my music style can be very different from my daily life. I continue on the road with songs that have an instantly changing mood. It is a complex taste ranging from pop to arabesque, rap, hiphop, drill culture. They all sound better with the beauty of the road.
  12. Thank you very much for your kind thoughts. The photo editing program I use is Adobe Photoshop. Versions 20 and above are enough to get the job done. Although I can't spare much time these days, when I do, I come up with beautiful images like this. Thank you again.
  13. I'm trying to make it the best in my own way by photoshopping at least as good as the tools. Thanks for the nice comments of you and my other friends. w/ @DorukD
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