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  1. Congrats Good luck with Pries as well :3


    Hello, thank you for following



    Best regards,


  3. Does Anyone Know If The Snow Mod Is Coming Back This Year?

    1. Guest


      It will.

  4. Glad to see your still on truckers.mp bro! 

    - Kind Regards Virus X 

  5. Holy Mack's It's Been A While Since I've Been On Truckers.MP Hi Guys / Girls! Hope Everyone Is Doing Well! :thisisfine:

  6. Very True It Does Become Quite Annoying Indeed However I heard They May Add A Auto Kick System For Running Red-light Which If They Did Add It. I Would Agree With It 100%.
  7. :wub:  Thanks for follow buddy!  :wub: 

  8. Congrats !

    1. hba_7777



      why the truckersmp no work with the 1.37 update?

      please helbe me.

    2. KDD[HUN]


      Truckersmp not supported latest ATS 1.37 update. Please wait or downgrade game.

  9. Very Understandable Glad To See You on the road ! As Much As I Agree with the idea of the that sadly most people that drive over 90km normally end up in a wreak I've seen it more times then i can count.
  10. Hey Alexei! Thank you for the follow. 💙

  11. Thank you for the follow!

    1. Michael_Allen


      Np Love Seeing You On The Road Hopefully Mate ! Glad To See Your Still Around ! ❤️ - Virus X 

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