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  1. Congrats :)

  2. Very True It Does Become Quite Annoying Indeed However I heard They May Add A Auto Kick System For Running Red-light Which If They Did Add It. I Would Agree With It 100%.
  3. Congrats :)

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  5. Congrats !

    1. hba_7777



      why the truckersmp no work with the 1.37 update?

      please helbe me.

    2. KDD[HUN]


      Truckersmp not supported latest ATS 1.37 update. Please wait or downgrade game.

  6. Very Understandable Glad To See You on the road ! As Much As I Agree with the idea of the that sadly most people that drive over 90km normally end up in a wreak I've seen it more times then i can count.
  7. Hey Alexei! Thank you for the follow. 💙

    1. Alexei Viktor

      Alexei Viktor

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    1. Alexei Viktor

      Alexei Viktor

      Np Love Seeing You On The Road Hopefully Mate ! Glad To See Your Still Around ! ❤️ - Virus X 

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  10. Thank You For The Follow Back Good Friend Glad To Still See You On The Road ❤️ 

    - Kind Regards Virus X 

  11. I Normally Do This Most Cases I Slow Down Even More To Let Them Pass As They Are Passing Which I Wish More Players Would Play The Game More Like This But Sadly That Is Not The Case... @HayaleeeeT
  12. - Very True @Chasa Since I'm A Old Trial Admin From The Game Back In 2018 I'm Aware Of Their Jobs And How They Go About Things. and I Respect Their Jobs Since It's No Easy Task On Their End.
  13. Anyone Else Having Problems With The Forum Where It's Just Freezing's On Like Edits Or To Make A Post ?  

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