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  1. Always keep one truck distance with your front for avoiding crashs and keep the same speed with your front
  2. @DatSpeed 4-cü ban history ban mı arkadaşın, yani ben bildiğim kadarıyla silinmiyor
  3. Thanks to All Contributors for very enjoyable 12th Real Operations. 

  4. Oyuna girdikden sonra bir az bekle, oyuncuların yüklenmesi bazen uzun süre biliyor. Tab-dan kontrol ede bilirsin, eğer 0 m yazıyorsa metre yazmıyorsa demek ki, o oyuncular hala yüklenmedi
  5. ETS2 is more popular than ATS. Also Most Streamers which playing simulation games are focusing in ETS2 which effect game popularity. Also there is time difference effect it. Because Most players of ATS from US we can saw that everytime US server have more player than Europe. https://stats.truckersmp.com/ It would be better doing more challanges or another things which makes ATS popular.
  6. Regular Brake (Pressing S) Exhaust Brake or Engine Brake (Pressing B) Retarder (You are appointing keys for this) Hand Brake (Pressing Space) Share your thoughts
  7. Takip için teşekkürler :))

  8. Suggestion Name: Changing Scout Cars and Alternating Vehlicles driving wheels from FWD to RWD or AWD Suggestion Description: I accidentally discovered that Scout cars actually are FWDs. Most of players suffer handling of these vehicles which I think that major reason of this is FWD controlling of this vehicles. in real life RWD and AWD vehicles have better handling and controlling system than FWD. My suggestion is that changing Wheel Driving system. Any example images: Why should it be added?:for better handling
  9. Hi, in the roads some guys are increasing speed when trying overtake. For example my friend tried to overtake someone, but The one who was overtaken increased speed from 77 to 100, of course, the accident was inevitable. Note. According to Vienna Convention on Traffic Rules, Article 11 10. A driver who perceives that a driver following him wishes to overtake him shall, except in the case provided for in Article 16, paragraph 1 (b) of this Convention, keep close to the edge of the carriageway appropriate to the direction of traffic and refrain from accelerating Are these events regulated in truckersmp? What do you think? The video of event;
  10. I want to take World of Trucks jobs in Truckersmp multiplayer, but It gives error. I can take jobs from World of Trucks in singleplayer. Error: "Incorrect data returned form the online service. If HTTP proxy is in use, check its configuration. Otherwise try again later."
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