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  1. If ı find true game friends, I'm absolutely prefer VTC.
  2. The game is needs more game moderators. I'm usually drive on crowded roads. Many people driving like crazy. You must record the game for ban a player.
  3. I'm driving Scania since I've started the game. Because it's very quick. When ı waiting the red light ı can lift off quick. Sometime I'm trying Volvo, it's good, but coming too rude about design.
  4. Actually, I've never understand why lot of player only using c-d road in a huge map? I think they just entering the game for see traffic jam and chaos. The game isn't they care.
  5. Hello, I just seen a discussion and asked myself "Why I don't open too ? " and opened this. Well I think the TruckersMp should make a system like this about speed limiter in game ; firstly remove the speed limiter from all of the servers. if player banned for reason ramming other players, the speed limiter active for this player. What's your thinks? is this usefull?
  6. I didn't try yet. But it's look like amazing. I want to use complete version so I didn't update my game. The new update have some bugs. For example; horns, lights and repeating sounds. Of course the SCS will fix them all.
  7. Evet oyunun dosya kodları ile yapabilirsiniz. Nasıl yapıldığını buraya tıklayıp öğrenebilirsin. Umarım işine yarar. Mutlu oyunlar
  8. MP'de oyuna girdiğinizde hotel veya serviste uyuyarak oyun saati ile server saatini eşitlemeniz gerekiyor. Çünkü siz oyundan çıktığınızda oyun saatiniz duruyor ancak MP oyun saati hiç durmadan ilerliyor, bu yüzden gecikmeli yük cezası alıyorsunuz.
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