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    Kempo-Karate, Cycling, PC-Games :)
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  3. Happy Birthday too youu ❤️

  4. Name: Mercord7 (Arthur) [aktuell Umstellung auf MGA7-Gaming ] Alter: 19 Jahre Beruf: Schüler Wohnort: früher Detmold, aktuell Steinheim Hobbies: Kempo-Karte, Radfahren, Zocken Sonstiges: Seit 2012 Trainer im Verein Ingame Name : Mercord7 [aktuell Umstellung auf MGA7-Gaming ] Ich spiele auch: LandwirtschaftsSimulator 15, GTA5, American Truck Simulator, OMSI2, Spintires
  5. Nice rules ! That's the way, I like it. Now the Admins must arrest more those rule breakers
  6. Hey guys, this question is especially for the Admins: Do we need a new ETS2-profile, if the patch 0.1.1 will be out ? I'm asking for a friend, because he does a mega project and needs information about the upcoming patch. Regards, Mercord7
  7. suddenly, new ets2mp forum ^_^

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