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  1. Hyaa Brooo ?


    Finally today it's your birthday brooo ????? 

    Happy Birthdayyyy, enjoy your day and I wish all the best to youu brooooooooo ?????

  2. Suggestion Name: Call Admin Suggestion Description: My idea is that in very busy areas such as the Kirkenes Zone, Calais - Duisburg or Events and others, have a button on the Tab for example and that if there is an Admin available to come take a look. Any example images: https://imgur.com/a/YrhITB5 Why should it be added?: I think that it should be added in 2 ways, one is that the players would behave sooner if they saw an Admin, and the traffic would be more fluid, at rush hour Kirkenes did not drop below 3 hours stuck .... And the other is why if the Admins are bored or do not know what to do because they can attend to it, I believe that there is always an Admin available ... no?
  3. Suggestion Name: One Way Duisburg (Roundabout). Suggestion Description: The idea is that Duisburg, which has a one-way square roundabout shape, attaches photos to understand, also including why the secondary traffic light should be removed. Any example image: https://imgur.com/a/NyGSaA4 In the link you can see what my idea is, it is easy to understand. Why should it be added?: This should be added because in the rush hour when the server is full and even with 1,000 people missing, Duisburg is already collapsed, there is no denying, this project will help traffic flow much better and hardly collapse. The traffic light below the secondary does not help at all, that is, Delay and constant retentions, and not everyone respects it, it also proposes a model of how it should be. In the traffic light photo, he sees a model that would help, considering that where the stop is, almost no one comes, 90% make the move to enter Duisburg and exit through the Gasolinera secondary. I think and I think it is a good idea and would help a lot, thanks!
  4. It seems to me a good idea, but this Mod requires a lot of PC, the servers would be lageary, even if there are people who do not carry it
  5. It did not help me sorry, in Program Files / Euro Truck Simulator 2 Multiplayer / data / ui the route does not appear. Any solution?
  6. Undoubtedly the idea is fine, you should stop editing it since, as you say, a simple error and you have messed it up. I support her!
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