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  1. Happy Birthday

  2. Thanks for the stats. Also the fact that gas prices are dynamic and changing makes game more realistic.
  3. First time seeing something like this. Should be a hard one!
  4. Thank you for advices! I always follow posted speed limits too, in addition it makes driving more enjoyable!
  5. If it's the trailer of the company, I usually choose Krone ProfiLiner or CoolLiner, changes by the load. When I use my own trailer, I attach my Frigo Schwarzmüller and go trucking as fine as it's finest!
  6. I usually like to drive between Düsseldorf and Calais and sometimes I also use that highway passes through Lille. When I'm bored, I usually haul towards Scandinavia from Düsseldorf!
  7. I don!t really like cruising in the same position. It's being boring after a time. Instead, chatting with friends and exploring new areas are cool!
  8. And here we are at that day! I hope everyone will enjoy it!
  9. I don't code trucks as I don't like "Save Edit". If I were, I would probably code Volvo FH or Scania Streamline.
  10. Not gonna lie, Magnum looks bad. I know that it is good for it's cabin room and some others thing in real life, however I don't like it's style.
  11. I would prefer C-D route. It is also more realistic and my second favourite route in TruckersMP history. If you wonder what is the first, Oslo-Bergen/Stavanger. ?
  12. Rest in peace, legend. 

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