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  1. Hello there, since that I have a very very very important examination in April to May, I need to quit game for 4 months In HongKong, in the end of the secondary school, there will have a examination for you to enter the university so I need to be hardworking to prepare for it Therefore, I will come back MP in May, I will miss you all but I want to ask what’s your feeling about the examination? Kind regards, Edmond.
  2. 新年快乐

    1. [ST I 261] Shan Bo

      [ST I 261] Shan Bo

      Happy New Year

    2. * Cassino D.S -*Team GL08

      * Cassino D.S -*Team GL08

      Hello, I'm sorry to disturb you so late. I'm Chinese D_ S team. May I invite you to our intermodal transportation? friend☺️

  3. i love to listen "Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You" during driving Although this song is old, but when i listen, i will feel so relax https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tr97MQiqW38
  4. Physics mod will kill people
  5. Although i play MP more than a year, one thing that i love it is i can play with my friends online, is so good and it can keep relationship become well. Also, TMP always give us convoy or events a support, let's events can be successful and wonderful Finally, TMP Staff are professional as well ! ! ! Kind regards, Edmond.
  6. Next year, i hope everyone in the world is health, hope COVID-19 disappear quicky, hope everything well. Also, i planning to join TMP be a staff when my bans has not be active in next year. Merry Christmas ! Happy New Year ! Keep Health ! Kind regards, Edmond.
  7. Hi there, What is your favourite paint job is ets? For me, my favourite is my VTC - Snail Transport paint job What is your ans? I hope to see your ans Kind regards, Edmond.
  8. My favourite map dlc is New Mexico. because that has a lots bridge, and when I crossing, the view is so beautiful
  9. I suggest Project of Japan This is a map of Japan the view and road quite similar than real Japan
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