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  1. Yea,I mean is soccer,not American football Anyway thx for your interaction,have a nice day!
  2. But last league game,u lose 1:6 by my spurs,don’t be angry
  3. Have anyone love football?What is your favourite football club? For me,I love Tottenham Hotspur! Let’s communicate with other football fans here!!️️
  4. 我将会参加此次活动! (I will be attending the event!)
  5. Hi ! see you again haha Yea , but now scs is focus on ATS more than ETS2 i think
  6. For me, my favourite is Scandinavia DLC. Have a nice day too Best regards Edmond Hello ! ! Same as you, haha ^^ Oh really ?! What things that you like this DLC
  7. What Map DLCs you like the most ? 你们最喜欢哪一个地图DLC ?
  8. When do you think Iberia DLC release ? 你们觉得伊比利亚半岛在何时推出发售?
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