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  1. Outside of the classic CD route (In my case Calais to Dusseldorf) my favourite road has to be Bergen to Oslo, such great views either side of the descent you do and a fun and enjoyable road overall to have a nice relaxed drive.
  2. I have my American Granny as my voice navigation ? We've been on some very long and interesting journeys together and have always got to the final destination in the end.
  3. Congratulations, have fun and success in learning

  4. I use my indicators all the time including when i'm doing a very long drive delivering cargo from one side of the map to the other. It gives good practice for when other players are around you and become natural instinct to use indicators to help other drivers know what you will be doing next so everyone can prepare. I also use my hazards when there is danger up-a-head or any potential danger I predict, this is also useful in convoys of when I am slowing faster than normal (If the convoy has stopped) or there is immediate danger and alerts the person behind to slow/stop.
  5. Congrats Ribbon! :HaulieLove:

    1. [PRVTC] - Pink Ribbon -

      [PRVTC] - Pink Ribbon -

      Thank you @Fox7y ❤️ And also congratulations to you aswell for becoming a Trainee the other day! :HaulieLove:

  6. Congratulations and good luck 

    1. [PRVTC] - Pink Ribbon -

      [PRVTC] - Pink Ribbon -

      Thank you @"RICKY", i'll do my best!

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