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  1. Added new content to my TikTok, short clips of Idiots on the road. Take a gander ❤️ Watching and liking the videos helps out. thanks!


  2. I'd like to thank everyone for the welcomes, congrats and various other posts on the promotion to Game Moderator Trainee.


    I will get through to all the posts shortly and am excited for this new venture and working hard to become a full Game Moderator to serve and protect the roads of the TMP community ❤️


    Thank you all again!

  3. Hi Jasper, i've been using your Mod "Addon Custom Parts For TruckersMP" and its been great but it has seemed to have disappeared from the Steam workshop ? Any news on it please? Thanks ❤️

    1. panchovilla6944


      Yeah, suddenly it's gone :(((

  4. Today marks the day I join my first ever VTC and that is Bruijn Logistics.

    I've revamped my triple trailer to keep the Pink ribbon theme meanwhile complimenting the VTC colours ?



  5. So game has been updated but I cant downgrade as the expected version isn't on the version list on Steam. Guess the waiting game starts? ?

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    2. - Pink Ribbon -

      - Pink Ribbon -

      There is now an option in the BETA section on Steam to downgrade to 1.40.x for incompatiable Mods. Select that and you should be good to go.

  6. Anybody know whats the average time for a report takes to be seen? My first 3 a few days back was seen within an hour of me submitting them but now I have 10 pending from nearly 2 days ago of waiting?

    1. Leon Baker

      Leon Baker

      Hey @- Pink Ribbon -,

      There is no average time the reports are being dealt with. That mostly depends on the amount of the reports, so as more reports we get on the website, obviously, much longer the reporters have to wait but do not worry, your report will not be forgotten or something similar. It will be checked as soon as it is possible.

      Thanks for understanding and have a nice day ^_^


    2. - Pink Ribbon -

      - Pink Ribbon -

      Hey BL4CK$K1LL,


      Thanks for the response, yeah thats reasonable hopefully they get checked soon as ive still got a few more to report but not enough reports left to be able to do so until they get looked at lol Theres been a lot of naughty drivers out there and we got to protect the community :)


      Hope you have a good day aswell!

  7. So many reckless drivers out tonight around Calais and Druisburg. Be careful out there all, got 5 pending reports waiting to be seen lol

    1. chipmunk197


      i dont know why people overtake on that road they know its probably going to end up in a crash but still go for it because they speed around all over 

    2. - Pink Ribbon -

      - Pink Ribbon -

      Yep, I don't overtake at all as I'm driving 3 trailers so try and take extra care. Most of them most likely don't even have cargo in their trailers so I don't see what the rush is for lol

  8. Thanks for a quick review of one of my reports. Muchly appreciated :)

  9. Hi there, you started to follow me on May 24th lol Do I need to be scared? :P

    1. Leon Baker

      Leon Baker

      That's really up to you :D

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