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  1. antrax737

    gtx 970

    So its me again, was in Rotterdam now and traffic jam and stuff and i found out my gtx660 works like hell in that kind of situation, so would gtx970 made it better or no?
  2. Mariio i hope u are right. Mrlvs, it will get better.
  3. So whats the problem; "unable to connect to api server. Try again later." How to solve this? Firstly i was able to play than i got kicked for afk, actually i was chatting and than i couldn't join anymore.
  4. antrax737

    0.1.1 Alpha

    Damn it today i started playing Farming sim 15, next week The crew will be released and now this is released? I think im gonna take a free week from school.
  5. That suggestion got rejected on this forum couple of times already, sadly, i would love snow.
  6. I got it 2 weeks ago, now im having trouble playing driving games with kayboard, i love g27, it feels rly good, when i was unpacking it i was like omg it has this it has that, omg thats great... Man just go buy it u wont regret it! U need to adjust it to every single game but who cares when the fun factor that great.
  7. I deleted my internet history/cache and i got 6 or 7 of them the same second as i did it.
  8. Just keep driving maybe it will change by itself
  9. Yea hotfix from scs repaired this
  10. Ty for an advice, i guess is the best just to wait for collison to come back and see on the road who is good and who isn't
  11. I will keep an eye on you guys than
  12. It's impossible to know for 30 or idk how many companies is there, which one is the most active and has the best players, that's why advert seems important to me and there is one more thing there is alot players playing MP and there is rly small count of drivers being part of any company, so u probably don't see smaller company members very often, so its hard to tell if i tell from this point of view which ones are good, there is a lot drivers in Stobart but how many of them are good drivers? That's my point of view.
  13. There is no company that is standing out atm, only Stobart with 3000+ drivers, correct me if im wrong. We will see where are good drivers in 1 week or 2, than we are gonna be able to say which is good company and which isn't. My opinion. I totally agree they have to be professional but snickers advert is nowhere near pro, don't u think?
  14. So, i want to join a company and well all advertisements sounds like Snickers advertisement. Mostly they are all like, "join us today you know we are the best"... I read these advertisements and, im like dafuq, why should i join one company if they all seem the same. Am i the only one thinking that? I would have no problem to be a part of company, i would love to just which one is good and which one isn't i cant see that by reading "advertisements" which aren't rly advertisements. They are like Snickers advert. would say: eat me! Why would i want to, i like black colour so im gonna eat Mars. I woulnd't like Mras i would try Snikers and maybe i would find out that both suck, or not... What i want to say here, comapny CEOs, just saying "join us today" will not bring you more people in company, u must give some reasons why should we join your company, why is it different than other companies, how do you work, what is your goal, maybe post some videos, pics and other stuff. I posted this here cuz i see it like CEOs problem, not trying to contact admins cuz they cant do much about this.
  15. First one, im kinda good at english in school but i never learned to use PM, AM, i kinda refused cuz its rly like wtf to me...
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