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  1. Ok seriously, TMP stuff, you need to ban  the double trailers where they dont belong, I mean Austria with doubles, double heavy, 150 tons on a road where not even one 10 ton trailer should be, going uphill at 10kmh on a road that already has a lot of traffic, just creating traffic jam. That is fing stupid, and all players doing that, you are screwing us who want to have a chill  gameplay. Shifting between 1st, 4th and 6th gear on a 8-11th gear road.


    Complete bs, on TMP side, and the players doing that, are you really that ignorant of others?! Not only that, if i was to guess, those trailers need PC to run bit harder, which in high traffic areas causes lower FPS than it would usually, same as beacons.


    Again, total bs on the TMP side, now go ahead, give me the warning, I'd gladly accept it, I'd love it in fact.

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