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  1. Thank you so much for trying to make TruckersMP more simulator-like, i can imagine some people will be mad for making simulator server have 4200 slots, but who cares it will be full and there will be less reports for you to deal with, thank you sooo much!

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    2. antrax737


      ^^ I completely agree with you, but before this update i'd say there was a big percentage of players ignoring that, or in the worst case scenario they were even saying that no one really wants to play simulation therefore EU2 was full all the time, i never believed that and i guess i was right, the whole thing just needed a push in a different direction and that's exactly what happend with this update, so happy for it, it kinda refreshed te game for me, for how long i have no idea but it is a boost of motivation for now!

    3. JeffSFC


      Many of us who enjoy the simulation aspects both games have to offer stuck to EU2 simply because of the player count. While other servers had players, there was always a higher chance of seeing users on the road outside of CD route on EU2. Perhaps one day we will reach a point where the CD road is no longer a hotspot and all of Europe becomes the hotspot. :lol:

    4. antrax737


      Well this update sure is a step towards that :) 

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