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  1. . Ahh thats sounds fun ahhh sweet what type of fishing ? fly fishing sea fishing ?
  2. Hi, Hope you all having a great day / night. What i like to do in spare time is when I get the chance I go to the racing tracks ( BTCC and F1 ) To take pictures of the racing , I also like to drive around in the country side and take pictures of the fields in the distance landscape pictures. What do you guys and girls get up to in your spare time ? ( would love to know ) Dont forget to drop a like I will try replying to as many as possible. Have a great day and stay safe
  3. I like to keep my trucks clean, only a few lights and keep it simple.
  4. I don't normally drive Renault But the new one is actually nice to drive
  5. I think it is sometime today. So I've been told I really hope it is compatible with the daf tuning pack
  6. Hi everyone I hope you all having a great day I would love to hear from what you guys think about the new truck that's getting released , Do you like it ? Would you drive it a lot? What's your thoughts on it ? I personally love daf trucks , they are a very nice truck to drive have a great day everyone
  7. How are you all today fellow truckers ! What you all up to today? 


    Work or chilling or sunbathing lol  


    Would love to know 🙂


    have a great day! Stay safe

    1. povgamer


      My day is going alright. I may be in school rn, but I have a nice and chill afternoon later.

    2. [MCG] erickjb4

      [MCG] erickjb4

      in classes 😕

    3. [MCG] erickjb4

      [MCG] erickjb4

      but all cool;)


  8. I love the scania 143 . Very nice truck to drive
  9. I can't wait ! I love driving all daf trucks , very nice truck to drive
  10. I saw a YouTuber play it and was like , this game looks really fun to play, and ever since I have been playing it multiplayer and singleplayer , amazing game
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