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  1. @Mystere thanks alot! I will try it out. Thanks Problem solved
  2. @Mystere Thanks alot for your fast answer. I can also look at all the orders in every city in the menu or not? Because I tried that too ... and what would that look like in the company? Do I see that as a caravan? (normal truck trailers are displayed)
  3. visarskivi


    Hi, i would like to do some assignments with my Scout as well as a truck where you accept orders and have to hang the trailer, but i cant find them. Can someone tell me how to find them? Thanks
  4. Ohh gosh my bad... i mean to do some assignments. as well as a truck where you accept orders and have to hang the trailer. My Bad Sorry but i hope we can solve that Problem i have.
  5. Thanks for your fast answer. I am very new in ETS but i cant find the Symbol at the trailer dealer. Is it possible to show me that on a Screenshot?
  6. visarskivi


    Hello everybody Im searching for a Caravan for my Scout but i cant find them .... Where or how can i actually find them? Thanks
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