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  1. Yeah before the change servers were often 6-8k players. I guess half of them just poofed because i know i certainly stopped playing as much after the change
  2. Ill be honest. I think the speed limiter should be 130km/h = 80mph Not too fast and not too slow for lonely roads in DLC Parts of the map
  3. Strange that its the Summer Holidays but player numbers keep dwindling... It couldnt possibly be the update oh no.....
  4. Just because i like driving a bit faster then 68 mph doesn't mean im a troll. I never troll but this update is ridiculous. If anything players numbers are starting to dwindle
  5. Yeah i used to play a lot of TMP Before the Update because EU 2 Felt right but now it feel really slow and forced upon. The Devs listened to a small part of the community and just ignored everyone else.
  6. Yeah i cant play driving at 68mph. Long distance and slow speed does not work and makes you fall asleep.
  7. If anything its going to push more people away. I used to play daily on TMP but not anymore i just cant since 68mph on a Long journey is too slow and boring especially in DLC regions where you barely see any people
  8. I get that people want to play realistically so then why dont you make a special server for them. I really dont understand the point in reducing the speed so much. The new slow speed is a no no from me. I guess i wont be playing TMP Anymore as much :(
  9. So when i decide to finish playing the game i get this weird pixels on my screen and they start glitching i dont know how to solve it maybe im changing graphics in game idk pls help
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