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  1. My friend copy/pasted his profile to me (level 7) since he wanted to start from 0 with me. We completed one job and we already have different jobs, barely even with same destinations. We both synced files but it doesnt really help. Is it even possible to have all the time same jobs since we are same level ?
  2. Ok works fine, not gonna sync savefile, assuming that its ok. I found that I can remove frost file for winter mod aswel. Good job so far.
  3. Do we need to sync our savefiles again ? Just wondering, first time active aroudn during update Can we remove Winter mod ? I'm tired of snowing, I want rain again
  4. Didnt know, fixed title. Since 100 slot was full in 15sec I expected that was around 500, I guess I was wrong
  5. Since begining till Roterdam somewhere. Including some fails. I think near and there is a part where I lost my trailer in a middle of highway due to random ramming from someone and I accidentaly pressed button but didnt realized lol.
  6. I'm gonna upload from my perspective around 90 minutes, rendering atm.
  7. I stopped at Amsterdam, or bit after Amsterdam. It was cool first time experiance in any convoy but having 500 people on server its not possible to organize properly. After Roterdam everyone started overtaking, ramming not sure was that on purpose or not but I dont care. I repaired my truck like 8 times during this convoy.. Nontheless cool experiance, looking forward to find group for daily convoys. Before Roterdam I was somehow third after Convoy leader and it was smooth driving but as soon as you go behind some random guy without trailer will overtake, I guess he is showing that he has better truck despite fact that I'm driving best in game aswel, and there are limits anyways. Have fun till end.
  8. I guess I'm saying bye at Rostock but I will get to Karlskrona to wait convoy again. Goddamn those DLC's, bad budget timing Gotta get those soon. Looking forward for stream while driving, I dont have friends for ts rooms.
  9. I learned that hardway Although I got both Scania and Volvo with 750hp if that even matter for heavier cargos, but looking forward for this Have fun everyone. Welp only 100 slots, doubt that I will get now
  10. Once again to make sure since I'm beginner in MP mode. If I have truck in city where we start it will be there on that serv aswel ? And do we do that with trailers or without ?
  11. Will IP be available here ? Just wondering. Since I didnt play on different servers I assume even if I get to the city on Server 1 I will be on that location and on that private server for convoy, correct ?
  12. I'm gonna prepare for this. Got my equipment, fresh 2 new monitors, right on time then I will drop casual livestream at that time aswel just to have that recorded
  13. I was looking for that since I remember that year ago there was a savefile somewhere and it was well-known solution. Although I did created singleplayer profile, jobs are there now but late bug is still present. Sure I get less money but It's not gamebreaking for me, just making sure that its not on my side http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=577370674 I also installed both mods since it was a choice, hopefully that isnt buggy but its always snowing so far. Kinda refreshing.
  14. I'm definitely not sleeping neither exiting, actually I did that once but I completed job on rejoin and 3 jobs later I still get that I'm late. I didnt play singleplayer at all so I just started without SP savefile multiplayer, perhaps that might be the case ? Thanks for issue with jobs, I will try that now, appreciated
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