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  1. Hi Yes that seems to have done the trick sorry for late reply i was testing to make sure it did work. Thanks
  2. yup i have done that aswell and it saying all files validated and nothing missing.
  3. @Mystere All i have in that folder is ProMods nothing else and it is still not working I have uninstalled and removed TruckersMP 50+times and re-installed and still get the same error
  4. Hi All https://imgur.com/RuS9cvs I keep getting this error as you can see on the image in the bottom left hand corner, I have been playing with promods online for over a year and never had a problem, It works fine on single player just not multiplayer. I have done all off these steps :- 1. Re-install ProMods 2. Re-installed TruckersMP 3. I have deleted my profile and started the game fresh. 4. I have even Re-installled windows on my PC But no matter what i do i still get this error when trying to join Promods Multiplayer server Any help please?? Thanks
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