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    ETS2 MP. Fair game, an fair people, so keep trucking fair :D.. I will help out where i can, i play about 8 hours a day.
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    The Netherlands: Amsterdam

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  1. Yeah the hot fix works, now i can change my password ... Thanks for this ..
  2. Dear ETS2 MP team, I have a problem now, i just changed my passowrd on my account, an now when im typing in my new password, it says invalid email or password??? I´m typing the exact password i changed my info to, so is it because i run windows 10 or, cause earlier on thursday i did not have any issuses?? Best regards DanishFlipper
  3. I know, but thnaks guys .. But what i meant is, like other people said´, maby it would be a good ide to add to the in game rules, that the RED color is only for the admins, that´s what i meant
  4. Just today, in the last couple of hours, i have seen 8 drivers with a RED color, wich are not a admin... Maby it will be a good idea to put this information under ingame rules
  5. You don´t need to turn you anti virus of, when you download it an your computer says it can´t download, just press more info, an then press download or allow download.. Hope this help you out
  6. is it possible to make the text bigger in some how, cause i´m having a hard time to see the chat messages now
  7. First, thanks for the nice new update, great work .. But i just have one thing, is it possible to make the text bigger, cause i´m having a hard time to see the chat messages now
  8. I was just asking, an telling you that it´s the same message that i got some times..
  9. Do you give it some time to connect to the server, cause every time im connecting to the server when server que is full i also get that message, but eventually it connects to the server..
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