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  1. What is sped-v? How to update the gearbox and I dont have winter or any mod installed.
  2. My favourite truck and the truck I drive always is a scania r730.It is very good in terms of acceleration,sound,handling
  3. I would love to drive on calais duisburg road with 6000+ players
  4. I use a 6 speed transmission in the game.I play on keyboard and I dont have any shifter,pedals or steering.Coming to the topic,when I press W for accelerating there is a clutch slip of around 500 rpm.After I press W the rpm needle jumps to 1000 rpm from 500 rpm then it pulls,this happens in every gear.And this issue makes the truck less responsive when accelerating from a complete halt.
  5. Why people join simulation 2 even when simulation 1 is not full.Ets2 is such a large map and to cover such a large map,more players are required and should join the same server.Truckersmp owner should merge simulation 1,2 and 3 into a single server and this would elevate the gaming experience.Pro mods has made the player count less in simulation server.Pro mods In junk and buggy,players should play in simulation server not promods.
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