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  1. Suggestion Name: Turkish Language for Support System Suggestion Description: You know that there are too many Turkish players in the game. There is a Turkish language all over the website, but not in the Support System. Turkish language should be added to the support system. I'm not saying this because I'm Turkish, but there are really a lot of Turkish players. And Turkish language should be added to the support language. Why should it be added?: Since Turkish players are so many and there are Turkish languages all over the website, they should be added to the Support S
  2. Hi everybody I wonder how many garages other players have. I have 187 garages. So how many garages do you have?
  3. Suggestion name: Selecting Business Routes Suggestion Description: This is a game and we must be free. For this, we must choose the ways of work ourselves. For example: I want to take a load from Calais to Duisburg but there is no load to take. In this case, let's take a route to the city where we want by drawing a route for our transportation companies.
  4. Currently, such a feature is not possible. He is interested in the new version of TMP Ets 2. You can add this question to the suggestions section. Best regards
  5. Öneri Adı: Exhaust fumes Suggestion Description; Since this is a need game, it must be realistic. The game must have exhaust fumes. Necessary, For example, the truck has difficulty driving uphill. As it gets harder, more smoke will come out. Normally some smoke comes out. I think this beautiful plugin, what do you think? Why should it be added? ; This is a simulation game and it should be realistic. (Note: Exhaust fumes will be white, not black.)
  6. DesertEagle_0

    Ets 2 Fikir

    Merhaba @RaideN__ Öncelikle bunun için alternatif bir yol yoktur . Oyuna yeni başlayanların kuralları okuması gerekir . Örneğin ben oyuna yeni başladım , birine çarptım ve yasaklandım . Bu yasaklanmaya itiraz ettiğinizde admin size demeyecek mi : "kuralları okumadınız mı , orada çarpmak yasak yazıyor " demeyecek mi? Oyuna yeni başlayanlar MP'de boş yerlerde sürebilir . Örneğin : Boş yolda karşınızdan veya yanınızdan geçen kamyonlarla oyuna alışmaya çalışın . Ama kuralları da okumayı unutmayın . Bende oyuna yeni başlayınca kaza yapmıştım paniklediğim için . Önce boş yolda panik yapm
  7. Managers are very busy, I sent swearing report, 3 days have not been seen yet. For example, the system saw a family word, and then saw profanity. Give silence to the person who wrote this word
  8. Birçok kişi oyunda küfür ediyor. Sizce bu kişilere bildirmek yerine otomatik olarak sessize alınırsa bunun nasıl olacağını düşünüyorsunuz? Örneğin, çok büyük küfür hakaret varsa, 1 saat boyunca otomatik susturma verilir. Ne düşünüyorsun? (Not: Sessiz sistem tarafından atılacaktır)
  9. The variety in ATS is minimal, and at the same time, many people do not like trucks. ATS USA, Ets 2 Europe
  10. Sounds and glass opening and closing feature are beautiful, the trailer is eye-catching
  11. It's happening to me. It happens when I enter a promod and enter another server or when I pass a promod from another server
  12. Having realistic damage can be bad. Someone strikes constantly. There may be minor scratches or spots instead
  13. Driving with VTC is more enjoyable than driving alone. But following a certain rule can sometimes be boring
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