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  1. It doesnt matter much what the update is about, it's mostly about finding the correct memory addresses and injecting them. Trucks and trailers having the added thing that you need to know how to spawn them. ETS i think is quicker as it's been around for longer and we by now know our way around it much better and faster (still a lot of work though)
  2. Thanks everyone who replied to this. I did have the rain probability to very low already, and turning it completely off is not really what i want (some rain every now and again is nice, just not all the time) So i marked Jeff's answer as the correct one as he provides a possible explanation as to why this is happening, and the confirmation i'm not alone in this However i didnt change the weather settings for almost 2 years, and never had this problem before, so i'm thinking something changed in the game or the mod in the last few versions?
  3. Ever since the last verion i only have rain, i drove the complete map north to south, over the last few days and only rain, rain, rain. Is it just me ? or is it a bug in the last Truckersmp version ? (and yes i have my ' rain meter' set to low, very low.)
  4. Thanks @bryangullickson, even though your sugestion didnt solve my problem, it motivated me to start digging a bit deeper. Eventually i found i had a old ETS2MP folder in ' my documents'. I renamed it to something else and now it works flawlessly There must have been a conflict between the old and the new version. Happy again that i can play the MP (though SP is also a lot of fun)
  5. Not fixed in the new version Anyone any tips for me what could solve it ?
  6. Yes i have exactly the same problem, stopping me from playing: (on a brand new install of win10:) - install ets2mp - Run the update available after installing - reboot pc - run the launcher - press " start ets2" What happens: - Black screen with the sound of the SCS intro - after a short screen flicker - i get into the account selection menu of ETS, with no moving mouse, and no responding arrow-keys (and probably the wrong resolution) - renders me unable to continue and play the game
  7. Thats prolly me starting the game before the DLC finished downloading, noticed later on in the game, all w900's were replaced by one of the other models... Thx anyway for confirming & support!
  8. with direct-x: http://pastebin.com/nxFaffqc it happened with openGL too the first time, but it runs ok now. Just wanted to add: it happened right after f7-teleport into a very busy repairstation.
  9. Also starting a job in MP, logging off, and logging back in might make the game think your job is late. Always try to start and finish a job in 1 session, or accept that it might be late once you continue.
  10. on the SP time stops when you exit the game, on the MP obviously the server keeps running and time will continue to pass. So when you jump back into the SP after you have been on the MP, your local game has another date, and the game will run the economy simulation for the time in between, and award you the extra funds.
  11. Since this mp update, the ets2 CTD when alt-tabbed.
  12. players on the map is the best updated of this year, thanks so much !!
  13. so what does the CLI do ? some new way to send data to the server, or interact with the host computer for some new functionality thats planned to be implemented soon ?
  14. Open a donation thread, for this, and i am sure many of us will be happy to chip in
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