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  1. I just looked up accounts on the public end, and even without the TMP backend stuff. I can tell you evaded permanent bans on previous accounts..... Stop trying to play the victim. You evaded bans, you receive the consequence for doing so.
  2. From your ban history (public), you were Permanently banned for Ban Evading, not for having 5+ bans within a 1 year period. As stated in the news post, this only applies to Bans placed under Rule 2.8. Your ban is placed under Rule 1.2, and therefore is not subject to being lifted and will remain in place. This has nothing to do about nationality. This has everything to do with you evading a validly placed ban.
  3. They already came back through ban evasion. This change will literally make little to no difference, other then the possibility that now, they know they come back in 90 days instead of being permanently removed. So some may actually wait the 90 days out, rather then making a new account and causing trouble 2 days after being banned.
  4. This is, fine. You can never have a perfect system when it comes to banning, or removing people from an online community. Someone, somewhere, is always going to have their two-cents and complain about it because it affects them. Overall, its good that there is no longer permanent bans for multiple offenses. There were some who got caught up in it, even with slight mistakes. So them being able to come back and enjoy the game is a good thing. Also, this allowance, may actually have some of those who try to avoid their ban, not avoid it, now knowing that they are going to be able to come back after 90 days rather then suffer permanently being removed. All this being said, I don't think it will make too major of a difference. There were trolls before, and there will still be trolls after regardless of this change. This at least opens up to people who do make the honest multiple mistakes, either through lag or whatever.
  5. I'm back~! Who missed me? :D

  6. EDIT: Done streaming for now. Had a call came in. Will leave this here for reference though.
  7. Streaming admin things. I guess come watch if you are into that sort of thing.



    1. Xiolin


      Done streaming for now. Call came in :P Will try to stream more this week when possible.

  8. Streaming some admin work if you want to watch. Not using mic currently, but will answer in chat if able to.


    1. Raymond_


      Very nice stream, @Xiolin. Keep up the good work. :)


      Many thanks,

      Ray Dobson.

      Founder of Select Your Game, Gaming Community.

    2. Xiolin


      I'll eventually mic up for streams. Just in a discord call at the same time so talking on the discord for this stream.

    3. KaitanFox


      Nice, I would watch if I could. :)

  9. Barks at you :V

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    2. xXSmokinBlazieXx


      Lol ask moderation XD 


      They told me to PM my barks XD

    3. Xiolin


      Our barks can not be silenced! :mlg_doge:

    4. xXSmokinBlazieXx
  10. Surprised there isn't an answer for you yet. Human Resources is an Upper Staff position. Recruitment for the position is done internally with staff. As it stands, it will not be available for general users to apply to the position.
  11. I had some slightly similar issues with my G29 earlier before. You'll want to go into your LGS program, and check the following for the settings. 1. Select your wheel on the bottom bar. 2. Select Default Profile within your profiles. Then click on the steering wheel option. Wheel Operating Range should be set to 900 degrees, and for me, I have Centering Spring enabled and set to 100% with a Wheel Sensitivity of 50% (You can play around with it and adjust from there to your liking) 3. Select your Euro Truck Simulator Profile at the top, and adjust to the same settings you set for Default. I recommend setting both Default and the ETS profiles, as LGS is a bit picky and will sometimes pick one, or the other, for ETS. Also, not sure why the guy in the video recommends 400 degrees... ETS recognizes 900 degree rotation as 1:1 steering.
  12. Do you have the ATS game linked in your profile settings for TruckersMP? You can check at the following link https://truckersmp.com/profile/settings Make sure that your Steam Profile is visible to the public, as well as your Game Details. Also make sure that the check box is blank for "Always keep my total playtime private even if users can see my game details.", so that your game time is public as well. If you have done all that, and it still isn't working, post any screenshots of errors you are receiving. EDIT: Bossik beat me to it
  13. Congrats! Saw the rank change but never saw the post for it till now. :P

  14. CD Road of 2018 turned into the EP of 2016. Not too sure about AFK (though I believe AFK/Parking is just a kick now? Don't quote me..) but Inappropriate Overtaking on CD (and anywhere for that matter) still leads to a ban, which is what Overtaking bans at EP in 2016 were aimed at as well. And just because it isn't a rule now, doesn't mean it shouldn't count as a ban...you were banned because you violated established rules at the time. Doesn't matter when that time was, at one point there was a rule and you violated it.
  15. I approve of the change. People will hate it people will love it. Personally, if you have aspirations of being an admin, you should know the rules and be following them all the time. They allow up to 3 mistakes. By the time you receive your second ban, even your first, you are made aware of the rules you violated, and should do your best to read the rules and follow them, especially if you are going to plan on applying for a staff position. Again, while people hate it, it makes sense to a degree, especially with the volume of apps they already receive. If this reduces the load, and helps narrow down the best of the best, then I'm for it.
  16. Can you please elaborate on the issue you are having? What sort of error are you getting when trying to start the game? If you are able to, can you provide screenshots?
  17. Hello! Please make sure you have the latest version of ETS2 Downloaded. - Open your Steam Application - Goto ETS2 in your Library, and open Properties - Goto the BETA tab, and ensure you have NONE - Opt out of all BETA programs selected. It should start to download the correct, 1.32 version. Once downloaded, you should be good to go!
  18. Hello! Please goto your Euro Truck Simulator 2 Properties on Steam. From there, goto the BETA tab and ensure you have the NONE - Opt out of all beta programs selected. It would then process the update to your game. If that does not work, I would recommend downgrading again to the Temporary_1_31 BETA, then upgrade again to the NONE - Opt out of all beta programs. You may need to restart your Steam Client and/or your computer for the update to work as intended.
  19. Yes it should work for you after you do that.
  20. Hello again! Please make sure that when you goto your BETAs for ETS2 on Steam, you select the option NONE - Opt out of all beta programs. Please also make sure that when you launch the TMP Launcher, that it is not prompting you for any updates on the launcher. It will prompt you on the launcher itself, on the middle-right side of the launcher.
  21. Just so it does not derail this thread and take it off topic of the update being released, create a help thread post, or file a support ticket for further assistance. Help Thread: https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/forum/55-help/ Support Ticket System: https://truckersmp.com/support/ticket/create
  22. It should be able to be done in either order, but I would recommend opting out on the Steam Launcher first. Then when you open the TMP Launcher, it should notify you on the right side of the launcher that you have updates that need to install for ATS, ETS2, and System, or just ETS2 and System if you only have ETS2. You would want to make sure all boxes are checked, and then click the Install Updates button right below.
  23. You need to follow the same steps you followed for downgrading, with one different step. Go into Steam Library, right click on Euro Truck Simulator 2, then goto Properties. Goto the BETA section of properties, and OPT OUT of all BETAs. This will give you the current, up-to-date 1.32 version of ETS2.
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