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  1. I'm in favor of the new ADR tanker for Diesel/Oil/etc. which has really nice details and an animated handrail on top, that folds down once you hitch up to it.
  2. I've driven 3~4 times on C-D road out of my 700+ jobs I've done in MP. I know why I went there fist time around (too see what traffic is like there, duh), can't really explain why I then drove on that road 2~3 times more after that.
  3. Truck I've driven the most is the Merc New Actros, followed by Scania Streamline. Most likely both will be overtaken by the new Scania S in the coming months. I admit to liking newer generation trucks, although the good old Volvo FH1¸6 classic still has a special place in my personal fleet.
  4. I've been driving the new Scania S from day one when the beta came out, got around 21.000 km on it so far. I like the truck a lot, the interior is really nicely done - details, dash readabilty, interior lights. I'm not that much of a fan of the new front grille, in my opinion the one on the old-gen Scania looked much better. Mind you, the new headlights look really nice. Haven't really tested different engines on it - been driving with the 520 V8 all the time. I'm not much of a full-speed driver, so it pulls more than adequately for me. Engine sound for the V8 is ok, I actually like it more than the one on the old model. Overall I'm pleased with it, and once more tuning options become available, it will only get better.
  5. As when I drive IRL, I use high beams outside populated areas, except when coming to parts where there is street lighting provided. If I meet another driver in game, I do may best to remember to turn them off. Although I'll admit, sometimes I forget to do that. And as many have said before me, I just can't stand drivers in game who a) have every single accessory slot on the cab and bullbars 'decorated' with lights, use the high beams when driving in daylight and at night in cities, but they're partially forgiven, because most of those drivers are kids and teens without RL driving licence and have absolutely no clue when it's appropriate to use high beams. Now don't get me started on the beacon lights...
  6. Jazz, John Coltrane, below is just one of his albums I have in my playlist.
  7. My Merc has well over 220.000 km on the clock and I have no intention of parking it, might give this Renault a try, once it's released. I've seen a few of them on the roads already, they don't look too shabby.
  8. Happy New Year MP community!

    1. John [RO]

      John [RO]

      Happy new year mate ! ;)

  9. I first tried the MP mod for this great game in March of this year. A very interesting read, how the mod came to realization. Hat off to you Root and all the others who made the interaction with other virtual truckers possible. I wish you all the best at your new workplace at SCS and to the current devs for MP - keep up the good job! <3 the map blips.
  10. MaarkP, it means that if enabled, it tells the game to use progressively lower quality LOD (Level of Detail) models for trucks that are further away from you, to reduce the workload for the GPU.
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