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  1. Honestly, I'm really curios to know why people want to play in "quiet" areas, when playing an Online-game. I mean after all you're not forced to play the game online, if you don't want to interact with other peoples. I personally struggle to replicate the "Simulation"-feeling when driving in empty areas. There are not interactions with other people (Braking, adapting to other trucks speed, merging etc.) and you're just driving on an empty road only slowing down, when you have to make a steep turn. I personally love the highway between Calais and Dortmund/Osnabrück (The one that goes south of Cologne, Brussels and Lille). There's plenty of people to interact with and the road is wide enough for people to overtake (Usually 2-3 lanes). However you'll still experience the struggle of merging in certain intersections when there's only one lane for straight on and you'll have to use your mirrors and indicators frequently which for me at least create a very solid simulation-experience as oppose to driving the usual CD-road or somewhere without people. The very few crashes I experienced is due to misunderstandings or lag. I would love for that to occur on every highway on the map.. So out of curiosity; Why do you guys enjoy empty areas??
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