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  1. Hi all, Recently I've noticed that my Euro Truck has been taking away money for no reason. For example I went on a ferry from Amsterdam to the UK. When I got on I had 21,000 in the bank. When I got off I had -3500. Does anyone know whats the issue? The ferry costs roughly 900 so it shouldn't take away that much. Also when I visit a selected dealer via the menu it tends to take 10,000 and once even took more. I have the vanilla version of the game, no mods, dlc's etc. Anybody know the issue?
  2. Hi Everyone, I've recently gotten into Truckers MP and have been hesitant in installing mods because I don't want to risk a ban. To my understanding mods that affect other players are not allowed so I am wondering if this mod would be allowed in Truckers MP as it is just a graphics enhancer Thanks,
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