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  1. Please show/upload your special settings I don't understand settings for this plugin. Please share your; In game settings Logitech profiler settings controls.sii settings Real_G27_ffb.ini settings Thanks
  2. Yalnız trailer ve çekici üstünde isim var. Bu gerçekten donduğuna ya da trailerı çıkardığına işaret eder. Yanılıyor muyum?
  3. wowww I hope this is not april fools. Sweet!!!!
  4. Today happened to me. I wanted to share tl;dw: 4:00
  5. Finally I have a G27 :B

    1. [WTLVTC] Dancool000

      [WTLVTC] Dancool000

      nice 1 bro i got 1 aswell their very good

    2. FirestarteR93
  6. Server updated to version 2.2.6 https://github.com/Funbit/ets2-telemetry-server 2.2.6 changes: Fixed trailerAttached property so it is properly changed when trailer is attached/detached. Changed hasJob property, now it equals to the trailerAttached value. Fixed odometer for default MPH skin (was showing kilometers) (thanks to kevindwood)
  7. Server updated to version 2.2.2 https://github.com/Funbit/ets2-telemetry-server 2.2.2 changes: Fixed bug in Android APK (no IP address prompt) Fixed Scania skin (invalid speed limit)
  8. Maybe this is help (telemetry server using 25555 port) http://fixmyavg.blogspot.com.tr/2011/11/how-to-open-specific-port-in-avg.html http://forums.avg.com/us-en/avg-forums?sec=thread&act=show&id=184370#post_184370
  9. @dutchnoskillz Page does it work properly on the main telemetry server pc? Your problem only connect with laptop? Is there a third-party firewall on the main computer?
  10. Ethernet or WiFi does not matter. Both computers must be connected to the same modem. for skins; If you want to use one of the default skins - open Ets2Telemetry.exe - click "HTML5 App url" - click "Select a skin to start" on browser page If you want to use third-party skins read this faq https://github.com/Funbit/ets2-telemetry-server#skin-installation
  11. my pc mobo suddenly death :( goodbye MP for a whole month

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