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  1. I removed and added it again. Still nothing.
  2. No it hasn't. I still have the issue. Thanks for the support.
  3. It is supposed to show things such as where I am and my truck but it seems to not be working thus showing "Playing Euro Truck Simulator 2". Any fixes for this?
  4. Yes it has. Thank you for the support
  5. It becomes stuck on authenticating. Is there something wrong with the server or is it a problem on my end. And this problem was also present about 2 hours ago on Sim 1 too.
  6. wei~

    My gas is stuck

    Can this be removed? I solved it, simple USB replug.
  7. As shown in the picture below, my gas is continuously stuck. (The right trigger of a joystick) No matter what mode i choose, it is always stuck and i cant reverse. (And no, my controller is fine, i tried 3 of them.) Any way this can be fixed? Thank you.
  8. BMC Tuğra 1846, or any model from BMC or some Ford's in ETS2. Heard they make great trucks so i would like to see it.
  9. Did you try decrypting it via Mods Studio 2? Maybe that'll work.
  10. Why are people going 50 in populated areas and complaining when I overtake them completely abiding by the rules? Just... go faster mate.

  11. So, i have a job that requires me to go to the quarry with a double trailer. Although in the chat it said that i cannot enter i have to. Can i somehow enter if it's a job or do i have to play offline?
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