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  1. How does it come that the same cargoes have a different weight between ETS2 and ATS according to the 2 tables: For example the milling maching is slightly heavier in ETS2. In ETS2 the transformer has a weight arount 47 tons, in ATS it's 56. Are there any special reasons for this?
  2. Well this helps all players that are already aware of this road and drive (almost) correct. But kid players won't care about these tips in anyway. But thanks for putting them together
  3. I think that by removing or remodelling too much on this road players might leave and search for another one. The fact it's not a 2 lane road is one of the things it makes it special. Yes Duisburg remodeling and the intersection near Brussels had to be done due to much traffic but I don't think removing the railroad crossing is nessesary. maybe make the time until the next train arrives a bit longer so more players can pass which will also help lowering traffic jams. The biggest rework that actually has to be done is the Calais intersection, because that's the last point where both driving directions cross each other between Ca and DU
  4. Suggestion Name: New easy redesign for the Calais intersection Suggestion Description: For me the easy way to rearange the Calais intersection is to mirror it, cause right now the trucks coming from DU to CA are crossing the trucks going from CA to DU. With mirroring the intersecton the crossing mostly ends and the traffic flow will increase Any example images: Current: https://imgur.com/5TQBABX Future: https://imgur.com/sZLyI7r Why should it be added?: as already said to decrease accidents and increrase traffic flow without using a new giant intersection
  5. Suggestion Name: see title Suggestion Description: Yes I know the title isn't new and yes I know there have already been many suggestions for the special transport (ST) trailers. But mine is a bit different: Many moderators already mentioned due to some reasons (e.g. AI supporting cars) ST can't be done in MP. There are 3 ST trailers: the 2+4 lowloader, the 2+4 extended lowloader and the 3+7 ax lowbed. The 2+4 lowloaders are already allowed (the TMP support told me I can use them) and you don't get kicked after attaching it to your truck (just the trailer, no cargo). The only trailer you get kicked due to the rules is the 3+7 lowbed. I'd like to get it allowed aswell. Don't get me wrong, just the trailer, not the cargos. TMP staff can change the settings to get players kicked when using a ST cargo, like it was at the beginning when 1.39 started (where only the cargo counted as a kick). The reason why I'm saying this is, that via save editing you can do "normal" jobs from the Heavy Cargo Pack with all 3 trailers and the cargos fit pretty well without interrupting anything. Next point for the allowance is Rule no. 3: When you can't handle your trailer you'll be kicked or banned until you removed the trailer or mod. So in the end TMP staff stiil has the ability to say no to every player driving with these trailers. Following by a decreasing number of players (as I've seen it the last days since the SCS MP release). On highways I can say from my pov I'm mostly alone, maybe 2 to 3 other players on average Any example images: too big to upload Why should it be added?: Cause the lowloaders are already allowed (I've had almost no problems with other drivers, just some company exits were a littlebit narrow) and a little challenge (they even allow the loco to be transported due to the more axles, which the 4 ax extended is not capable of (only via save editing). If you're unsure my suggestion would work, why not make a 3 month trial or something like that to see if traffic is really worse than now or maybe not even noticable. Kind regards Flo
  6. SCS forgot the extended version of the 1+4 lowloader. The short version doesn't really make any sense to me, but the long would be able to carry the loco due to the one more axle. The normal 4 ax ext can't do that. Just funny, SCS modelled a cargo for a specific trailer, but that trailer can't transport the cargo...
  7. Suggestion Name: new interchange for Calais entry Suggestion Description: Therefore the interchange still causes traffic jams even with added stop lights, I guess many other players already gave new looks as a suggestion. My version would be to take the road coming from Calais under the bridge and mirror the on and off ramps on both sides, so the cars going to Calais coming from the left and not right. While trucks heading to Duisburg take a 270 degree right turn to get over the bridge. That would in my opinion be a goo choice, cuase you don't need to recreate a whole new interchange with, which gets a lot bigger than the existing one Any example images: too big to upload ? Why should it be added?: to decrease traffic jams and increase traffic flow
  8. Suggestion Name: The RSR, the Rolling Stone Race Suggestion Description: Therefore everyone drove at least once along the Kirkenes Quarry Road, why not make a race on it. Player drive a Truck with a 6x4 chassis, a good engine (truck and engine the same for every player) and a non modified 4+2+4 HCT dryvan. Automatic gearbox is a must. You start at the beginning of the road, drive all the way to the stone mine, turn around in there and get all the way back. You can use differential, but reseting on the road, for example because you fell off a cliff, is only allowed once by a watching admin. The fastest one wins. Any example images: Nope Why should it be added?: Because races are cool and this one is, I think, not just go full throttle to win, but also a bit strategic
  9. Hello, in the last days I had the idea of the following: Suggestion Name: Searchbar in the "players near to you" overlay Suggestion Description: adding a bar or field to be able to write in the name or the number of any player near me, e.g. for reporting, muting, etc. Any example images: no Why should it be added?: when seeing a player, that is e.g. ramming, hacking, using foul language, etc. currently you have to stop and scroll sometimes through to whole "players near to you" list. That gets worse, when your in Duisburg for example with sometimes 120 players or more. The list even "moves" when player come or leave "your" area. I can happen, that the player you want to report leaves it, before you found his name or number, so you have to report him here on the website. Therefore it would be much easier and of course faster to type the players number or name in the searchbar and immediatly get only his name and number to report or mute him. EDIT: ok I don't think this might be added due to the history button. Would be cool to see, what will be easier to use. Regards, Flo
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