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  1. Just once, but it was only because some other driver crashed/lagged into me and my truck was shot straight into the sky because of that collision... D: it was also near Rotterdam, so you know.. a lot of trucks. But apart from this, it didn't happen. When that crash occurred, just skype and chrome with one tab open (and steam of course). Actually, the game runs well for me, It lags a little only when other player's trucks appear/load in my game.
  2. Okay, I'll try it, and if it crashes again, I'll post here. Thanks.
  3. Thanks. I updated the driver. But I'm not so sure about the graphics settings. I changed every MP setting to the lowest possible except some which are apparently experimental (and caused me some crashes), because before those settings, it was lagging as hell, mainly in cities. Also by that graphic detail, do you mean textures or smoothing of objects (in MP settings) or something else? Here's my MP settings config file: http://pastebin.com/WhgLtYYg
  4. So this happened to me a few times - sometimes when I'm in a city (it never happened outside of them, but could be coincidence) the game lags a little (which happens everytime a player streams into my game) but right then it freezes. I tried alt-tabbing out of it, ctrl alt delete etc. but nothing helps, so the only solution I have right now, is to turn off the computer which is quite annoying... I also checked the game crash log, but it didn't leave a single log of that crash. I'll post here a crash log I got because of a different crash so you can at least check my system configuration (or whatever else is there ): http://pastebin.com/37gfepZA Also this has never happened to me while in SP. Thanks for the help.
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