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  1. Demir EM Big fan!

    1. Denizlili.


      Big fan Demir Media Member ❤️


  2. Very nice to hear about the future about TMP, and I hope TMP Community can be better! 1.41 Support soon!
  3. Actually, every position has their own job to do, and they all work for TMP, then in order to make TMP to a better place. So every position are good, they are all good.
  4. Prepare for today's Official ATS Convoy.


  5. I like ATS more than ETS2, so I can't wait to participate this event. But I hope the MP map bug can be fixed soon.
  6. I suggest you to download ProMods in the ProMod official website again, to cover your old mods in the mod folder.
  7. Snail Transport 4th ETS2 Public Event Last week







    And today is the date of our monthly Public Event - Constellation Plan, we hope to see you all tonight!
    Event Link: 
    Discord Link: https://discord.gg/uphPcGA

    1. .Pedro.


      Nice photo!

    2. Guest


      Beautiful photos  🤩

  8. Thanks for following!

  9. I found the game from my classmate at the first time. And we ask each other to play the MP game after that, but then my classmate give up this game. Actually I keep playing this game for about 2.5 years. Lol
  10. I think so. Firstly, All DLCs are good enough. Then, ProMods are amazing Mods in the Community and it can be play in MP, so that we can visit many beautiful cities with our friends. That's really nice.
  11. ETS2: April 4th, 2019 TMP: August, 2019 from now xd.
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