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  1. Okay, thanks for telling me! Kind Regards, anautonell
  2. Thanks for that, I was just accepting a Delivery there! But why? Not many people have the Nord DLC, or do you need it? Kind Regards, anautonell
  3. Oh, ok that explains a lot. Thank you for notifying me! And finally players start exploring new country!
  4. And the same in Duisburg, I entered the city expecting a mininum of fifty people and I notice that I'm surrounded by only ten people!
  5. Yeah thats true! There is a huge map to explore, you are correct people are starting to notice the beaty of a whole new map.
  6. Hello Fellow Members of the Community! I'm here because i've seen a big difference these months, do you guys remember when there where so many people playing in Calais <-> Duisburg Road? There was a terrific amount of people! But now, I didn't see as many people (maybye because I connected in the wrong server or timezone). So I decided to make this foto to show this community! This is all I wanted too say... (And a question, have you noticed something different?) Stay Safe!
  7. Hi.

    1. anautonell



      (Yes I was Testing this cool feature)



  8. Thank you for everything. It helped me a lot.
  9. Hello! I need a bit of help for example when I need to call the tow service my F7 does not work... How can I activate it? Thanks.
  10. Thank you! It helps me a lot. I can not wait until they open!
  11. As in the video you where touching like an object of radio? I did not add that where can I add that? Or edit the car? @El1teZombiezHD Thanks!
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