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  1. negative, or not with any surety. I installed the monitors described above and, sure as heck, the game loaded in 20 seconds flat....which is NOT normal. take the monitors off, takes forever. IUn the meantime, I just upgraded my system to a MSI B570, AMD 3700X and 32G of DDR4-3200 RAM (SIGNIFICANTLY faster machine) today so haven't had a chance to try it to see if the rapid load becomes the norm. will update as soon as I find out.
  2. TRuckers MP has been re-downloaded and reinstalled cleanly, and already does run with administrator.
  3. After selecting a profile, the game takes over 20 mintues to load, irrespective of the mods installed, the server selected, or the profile selected. In single player mode, the game takes seconds to load at this same point. Another potential symptom is, if I alt tab during this loading cycle, the game goes from "not responding" (and using a lot of CPU) to "Suspended" (And using 0 cpu). At this point the only option left is an end task via task manager. Win 10 64 bit system. Steam is active at the time I hit "launch <gamename (ATS or ETS2)>" on the truckers MP window. This happens EVERY time, so its not a cache load issue. Both games are installed in steam libraries on SSDDs with nothing else on it.
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