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  1. what you mean... this is just files and tutorial how to put files into mod folder as i said wintermod working but only on old profile... this is more problem with ets i think...
  2. nope, still have problem with that
  3. seems fine for me i guess its supposed to be exactly same code as that u send?
  4. Hey I have problem with wintermod when i play on main profile (that i created 1year ago and that was prob my first acc on ets2) wintermod work perfectly fine. and now i was created new acc wintermod technicly working but physics not i tried to create profile without wintermod and later put it into mods folder ect but nothing helps someone know how to fix that? I put wintermod into right folder (ETS2MP\mod) even try to put into Euro Truck Simulator 2\mod also sorry for my poor english
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