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  1. I like most of the features of 1.37. But, cons of 1.37 is FMOD sound coming not as expected. We must using sound fixes mod to fixing ugly default sound.
  2. Suggestion Name: Add No Rules Server Suggestion Description: Since some my friends are complained from getting temporary banned from TruckersMP while driving in Simulation Server and doing accidental mistakes, I have an idea to suggesting TruckersMP to open No Rules Server with Collision Enabled & No Speed Limit. Not all from TMP players want to driving in a simulation, even doing a mess or trolling in Simulation server. I know, TMP have Arcade Server but this server are Collision Disabled mean not exciting to doing reckless or creating a crash with another trucks. Any example images: No Why should it be added?: With adding No Rules Server with Collision Enabled & No Speed Limit, everyone players want to creating a mess, driving reckless, or anything fun without context of simulation are here. And everything reports from this server will be ignored except doing a hacking which can disturb this server stability. If this server are open for everyone, players who do reckless or trolling deliberately in Simulation Server, will get a temporary or permanent ban. Note: Sorry for my bad English but this is all I will say, thank you
  3. This is my list what truck I use: ETS2: Scania S 520hp 6x2 (for Formality Career Gameplay & Simulation MP) DAF XF105 510hp 6x2 (second truck for Simulation MP) Volvo FH13 Classic 540hp 6x2 modded (for Alternative & Simple Gameplay) ATS: International Lonestar 525hp Long 6x2 280gal (for Formality Career Gameplay & Simulation MP) Kenworth W900 510hp Long 6x2 300gal (second truck for Simulation MP) Volvo VNL Classic 475hp Long 6x2 300gal modded (for Alternative & Simple Gameplay) *updated 03/22 11:10 PM KRAT
  4. Usually, I listen some Trance Music while trucking (like song from Armin van Buuren, Ferry Corsten, and etc.), and sometimes I also listening some Translated Japanese Pop Music in Indonesian such as songs from JKT48.
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